you are the prayer, the song, the message, the prophecy (redux)

This poem was first posted on November 12, 2009;
the Mississippi River satellite image was added today.

You can pray
Or be the prayer

Or be the song

Ask the searching questions
Or live the unmistakable answers in every moment

You were placed here for a purpose beyond all purpose
A hope beyond all hope
You are the very breath of Creation
And the unfolding of Eternity

Nothing is about you
And everything is

Nothing is certain
Save the unequivocal certainty of the here and now

You own nothing because you are the All
Need nothing because within you lies the completeness of never-ending Love
And the promise of humanity’s everlasting freedom

You can talk the talk and walk the talk
Until that unmissable moment that you become the talk

You are the message, the prophecy,
The incantations and the psalms
The ritual is your beating heart
The absolution, the blood coursing through your veins
Your eyes speak the benediction with every blink

No longer must you see yourself
a lowly pawn in the grand game

No longer need you wait, candle in hand,
For the apparition made manifest

The temple lies within you!
Through your holy mouth enter the willing
And return the newly born.

5 thoughts

    1. Nora,
      Thanks. I adore the “Earth as Art” satellite images that NASA gives us. Click on the picture and you can go to the site and see lots more. At least I think you can; haven’t checked in quite a while…


  1. Moving and moved within me Rachel…always it seems.
    I’ve learned that all words uttered have been ‘all’ of ours in all dimensions, across all times…the utterances of another have crossed all lips…’tis why we recognize them so readily in our spirit. The same happens with music and art…Ah! The Muses!

    You are The Divining Woman my Sister/Friend!
    I send You Many Blessings!


  2. souldipper,

    Even though I “said” the words, I probably picked them out of the cosmos where you left them floating about. Truly, the blessing is mine: to be heard by one who finds resonance in the hearing. Ahhhh…


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