can you give a few minutes for my “little town that could”?

In true “the little engine that could” fashion, my tiny rural town of less than 70 people is running neck-in-neck with the big boys in the Reader’s Digest “We Hear You America” contest. We’ve already made it ito the Top 100 (out of thousands of participating cities and towns), and if we can hold our position, we’ll get a visit from the magazine, a write-up for their 35 million readers, and a chance at some money for local improvement projects. Hopefully we’ll entice some adventurous new folks to move to town, too!

Anybody, anywhere, anytime, can “CHEER” for us — as long as they have an email address and Internet access. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. Once you’ve signed up, you can CHEER 10 times each day (in one visit) for the next 14 days. If you enjoy a good horse race and you love supporting the underdog (that’s us!), you’ll love this!

The fun starts here. Then plug in “Branson, CO.” Hit the CHEER button, but don’t stop there! When you register, type in your info and declick the two boxes so you don’t receive any unwanted spam. Give us your 10 CHEERS each day and tell your friends, too. Bummer, but only folks in the continental US are eligible.

On the Branson, CO page, read the mini-stories from me and others about this special little place–and what we need to create an abundant future. And Thanks! I know this is a different kind of post for me, but what’s more inspiring than a teeny-tiny town out in the middle of nowhere having its voice heard and some of its prayers answered?

3 thoughts

  1. Well that is still very much a possibility, lol. I was just talking with a spiritual sister of mine about you and she said she feels your competition at this site will be won by Branson…and she has strong seeing, if you know what I mean.
    I hope and pray that it be so!
    So Be It! Manifest, Manifest, Manifest!
    okay…I’ll get in touch with ya!


  2. Good Morning Rachel Sister!

    I just cheered for Branson, Co! Question: Does my one cheer count for 10 cheers when I hit the button or do I have to go back 9 other times today to cheer again?
    By the way…this is someplace I’d love to live! Wow…what gorgeous scenery and what a community! Are there rental properties there? Just curious as I’ve been telling my DD that I would like to live in rural America, anywhere USA. LOL…
    I truly hope you win the competition! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
    Blessings, Peace and Love!


    1. Bless your heart, thank you Akasa! Here’s the deal. Once you get to the Branson, CO page (w/the messaages and pictures from peoplelike me!), you CHEER on the left-hand sidebar. You click once, then again, then again, until it tells you you’ve met your limit of 10 for the day. You do it all in one visit. No need to go back until the next day.Make sense? I’d be happy to tell you lots more about life in the remote, rural American Southwest. Email me directly when you have some time! Hmmmm, and all this time I thought I’d be heading up North to meet you!! (:


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