hold on, let go: finding balance in an upheaved world

How does one speak of the nature of time?
Of the unriddled riddle, the unmetered rhyme?
What lies now upon us with the greatest profusion
Brings great knowing to some and to others, confusion.

You beseech as you wonder, you ask without pause
What are the rules, you implore! Where, the laws?
Is there nothing but nothing that one can rely on?
Oh yes, to be sure, but even more new to try on!
You see it yourself, what once stood is now falling:
Only you know the truth of your purpose, your calling!
Your mind cannot hold it in the realm analytical,
What was once quid pro quo now becomes unconditional —
Every program, each ritual, each system now a-crumble
Can you allow new ways to emerge, prehistoric notions to tumble?

Every seer, every prophet, different chords, different tunes
There is much now unfolding, rising up from old ruins
Let go the tattered remains grasped tightly in your fingers
Release them with honor; let fond memories linger,
Now placed in your hand the great paintbrush of life
Do you create roses in bloom or choose struggle and strife?
Do you resist flowing waters as you battle upstream?
Does your song reach the heavens or lie beneath muffled screams?
The pundits won’t tell you: they’re part of the madness
Reject their violent rantings and instead, choose buoyant gladness!

Every book, every poem, every line the same song,
True Love is always right, compassion never wrong!
The answer in your heart is the one that always matters
Not the wine that ego thirsts for, not the empty words that flatter,
There is beauty all around you and within, resplendent light,
Every layer you can peel reveals a most amazing sight:
Be bold or be gentle with your unique expression,
Your every word, thought, and deed leave a potent impression.

Do not be afraid, this is change, nothing more
Like Alice, you now see the ceiling where once was the floor
There is Love all around you, let yourself feel the beckoning
Release the urge to curse all as some dark final reckoning!
The tale is unfolding, the characters changing,
You are rewriting your script, every scene rearranging,
Maintain balance where you can, seek nature’s rampant glory
The alpha, the omega, the never-ending story.

Now you rest, now you pray, now you ponder anew
As you recognize Divinity in the hallways of You
Each entrance, each exit, each death, every birth:
Evolution’s in full swing on this planet we call Earth.

3 thoughts

  1. souldipper,
    Isn’t that photo magnificent? I was floored when I first saw it and read the NASA description.

    Being human(!), I too have intermittent doubts about whether any of what I put out into the world truly matters. This feedback from you is so filling to my heart and spirit, and instantly washes away those niggling feelings. It pleases me immensely that I could offer a bit of comfort and encouragement during this challenging time. When you feel so inspired, please let me know what steps you have chosen to take. You are deeply loved, Vannetta.


  2. I read your poems religiously these days, Rachel, and find great comfort during this time of intense struggle and soul searching. This poem truly brings out the essence of where our souls need to be during the strife our world is in.

    Personally, though, these words speak to me stronger than anything you have ever written. Allowing my mind, body and soul to flow with nature, with what is happening, without fighting the current is what I need to let myself do.

    A while back, I asked you how I would know if something I was considering would be right or not. I told you I had two things I was considering. I remember you telling me that I would know when the time was right for the decision and I would know the right thing to do. One, I allowed not to happen and the decision was so right. The second, I have only now decided. These words have brought the answer to me and I will move forward with it. I am so excited, so free, and energized and just want to thank you for your gift you share with the world. You have given me inner strength, courage, and the will to move on and find contentment in my intensely sad world.


  3. What a photo – the spiral being so relevant. Your last line needs to be put in neon – across the skies the world over. We are in it and “it” is evident everywhere.

    Thanks for a great poem and post.


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