what if an angel took hold of your hand?

Angel Statue photo by Linda Allardice, public domain

What if an angel took hold of your hand
And whispered sweet, “I understand”
Embraced you close and stroked your brow
And murmured soft, “I’ve got you now.”

What if this angel soothed your soul,
Nursed your wounds and scars of old
Polished your heartstrings until they glistened
And gentle said, “Tell me all, I’ll listen.”

Would you drop your walls, set loose your tears
Could you finally face your darkest fears?
Would you sink into surrender fair
And allow yourself some comfort there?
Can you still the chatter, quell the din,
Seek that silent spot that dwells within?

What if an angel said, “I’ll give you the choice –
You can speak your truth now, in your quivering voice,
There’s no need anymore upon others to lean
You can make direct connection without a go-between.”

With the question echoed below, above
How fast, how tall will you stand for Love?
How soon are you able to shed, to peel
To say less I think, and more I feel?
Surrounded by angels, would you dare to swoon
To dance, to sing, by the light of the moon?

What if the angel vowed to stay near
And promised fast, “We are always here”
And shared with you the words you yearned for
The knowings that your heart returned for —

What if an angel, divinely wrought,
Reminded you of everything you once were taught
And what if, as the veil was lifted,
You remembered you are worthy and abundantly gifted.

If every rose in the garden suddenly flowered
Would that presence alone leave you touched and empowered?
What if the angel was the person beside you –
Could you trust enough for your own heart to guide you?
Angels are walking among us wearing quite human faces
Be aware! You will find them in the most unlikely places.

And miracle of miracles, I swear to you this is true:
The most glorious angel you ever meet may turn out to be you.

7 thoughts

  1. Akasa, Tekia, Earthianne,

    Not surprising that this piece would resonate so strongly with the three of you. IMHO, you are all earthangels and finely attuned to the ways in which the angelic realm “speaks” to us.

    I so appreciate each of you for the light you bring to our world. xox


  2. I love, love, love this, Rachel! And I LOVE rhyming poems!!

    Thank you for your message, we’re all angels. :-)
    And, yes, “You can make direct connection without a go-between.”

    Non-rhyming poems leave me perplexed and make me scratch my head, lol.


  3. I LOVE THIS POST!! If an angel took my hand, I would be so joyous and finally be at peace with all. I think I would just lay into their arms and sleep or at least soak up the moment. A wondrous post Rachel, love it, love it!


  4. Exquisite and Divinely Inspired…
    You continue to take my breath away…

    Happy and Joyful tears fall gently down my cheeks,
    recognizing you as an Earth Angel, Dear Rachel.

    Thank You for this Living Prayer!


  5. sigh… this is lovely rachel but i do miss reading your “words of…” style. my mind does something different when i read rhyming poetry. it jumps ahead or guesses or replaces a better word. it’s ridiculous i know but i sometimes think the writer does the same. writes what rhymes, instead of what’s meant. the cuteness of it all takes something away (for me). just some very humble feedback from a very humble fan


    1. Jo,
      I truly do appreciate your honest feedback. I, too, have been questioning why all of a sudden I am bringing forth the simpler rhyming verse. Truth is, I don’t really choose the writing: It chooses me! So, please stick around. I have no doubt that I’ll cycle into some other mode of written/creative expression soon enough.


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