to stockpile the succulent flowerings of your soul, this is not time


Bull-Leaping Fresco, Knossos, Crete (a noble ritual sport in which the bull was not killed)

This is no time for timid hearts
For holding back your most precious gifts in the face of fear of retribution
For wedging yourself into a doorway while you wonder if you are worthy of entrance
For sitting interminably on a fence whose only purpose is to separate you
from your very self
This is no time

This is no time to utter whatever from a place of rarefied observation
To be carried along buoyed by neither aim nor intention
To let life live you blithely while you relinquish your birthright of free will
To sanction guilt and obligation as they hold sway over your most fervent desires,
This is no time

This is no time for equivocation, for hedging and backsliding
For whimpering and decrying all that you have created
For playing victim to predators of any stripe, be they real or illusory
For abdicating personal responsibility in the face of a preponderance of evidence,
If ever there was a time, it is not now

For forthright declaration of your deepest truths
This is the time
For standing your ground for causes that bear the mantle of justice
This is the time
For fostering unadulterated freedom that rings out
above the screech of politics and posturing,
For inaugurating new byways of sustainable evolution by lifting one hand after another
For redeeming without hesitation the wonderful that you believed was gone forever
This, right now, is the time

This is not the time to take the bait of predatory fearmongers
To withhold the emanations of your fracturing heart
To stockpile the succulent flowerings of your soul
To hurl at others the boomerang of judgment or culpability
(lest it return to its rightful owner)
This is not the time

If you have ever yearned to unleash your passions
Ached to be exponentially more than you have dared to be
Hungered for a greater humanity within and without
Longed for connection that defies the so-called bounds of time and space
And have known for eternity that you were born to be Love,

Right here
Right now
It is time.


(This piece of poetic wisdom first appeared here in August 2010, with a different image.)

12 thoughts

  1. A Piscean – how intriguing and visionary! And with Taurus in the Moon to balance. I am certain that nothing is chance. There will be perfect opportunities and in perfect time. I too, look forward to explorinj more and more. I am bursting with so much now, on the verge of a flower explosion! You also give the energy of breaking the last barriers!!

    Have you calculated your life path number? Mine is 22!



  2. PS: As a symbol/art interpreter (something alike a therapist) I had an idea. Why don’t you let children illustrate (Youtube thing)? Just give them a central word from the specific poem and let them loose. They too, are very close to the source!



    1. Kristina, I am a Piscean, Pisces Ascendant, and Taurus moon. I always connect instantly with those who have a Taurus sun. And there you are with that watery Scorpio moon, too! And,of course, you offer up your suggestion re: children’s activity at the very time that I am creating new programs that can get me out of my chair and into a variety of venues. I feel there is so much for us to explore that I can barely catch my breath. But I will! That’s a promise…


  3. Rachel, I am a Taurus, lo and behold :) The Ascendant in Leo and Moon in Scorpio! You?

    The credit for the depth & breadth belongs to a large extent to “others”. I am a keen listener (reed) to higher consciousness & they give me wisdom every day! I feel the same with your writings, there is a higher source that streams through you!

    Hooray for Universal Women (and Men) of all ages, colors & classes!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you,


  4. Kristina,
    LOL. I, too, noticed the similarities in our avatar pix.Even funnier is that I had on a dress with a similar neckline and sleeves as yours. I am thrilled to have my words on your site. Damaged? Hardly! I, too, adore the world of symbol and metaphor, though your depth and breadth astound me. I very much want to talk with you more, and so we will. Pisces, perhaps?

    Inasmuch as you too are a poet, I am always grateful for your thoughtful Comments. I may have said this before — but some of those words come a’knocking on their own. Never quite sure what stream of consciousness sent them. All best, beautiful one.

    Methinks the voice visit will have to wait. The Universe is afoot, and so am I. Enjoy your company!

    Ah, so you are the one chosen to give me the nudge I have been asking for! I am absolutely ready to get my words off the page/flat screen and into greater dimensionality — and definitely am seeking guidance in the audio/video department. I would be ecstatic to find someone who can put appropriate imagery to my words via youtube, etc., with or without my voice as well. Know anybody who might be interested?

    I am about to head to the city to begin my immersion in the letterpress printing world — in preparation to begin touring and poetically “singing for my supper.” More to come. Thanks for being utterly in tune with my creative yearnings. Big Hug!


  5. I like the message here, that this is no time for timidness but action. A wonderful piece! The wording also brings a sense of power to the poem as well. I really like the words you used: relinquish, illusory, abdicating, preponderance are just a few that stood out to me. Bravo!


  6. There is a very special rhythm to it which can only come from true soul. I will publcih it in my next post, with all credits of course.

    I’m from Sweden :) Although I’ve lived in San Francisco and been in the US many times…

    Looking foward to exploring more of our connections, saw that your head image resembled mine, but the suns were in differnt corners!


    PS: I know, I am symbol-damaged….


    1. Hi, Kristina!

      Yes, all the writing on my blog is my own — unless specifically noted (which, as I think about it, is quite rare).

      Given your interests and inclinations, I think you’ll find a lot to connect with. And, of course, I’m delighted when anyone shares my material (with credit and links as appropriate). I’m going to go ahead and put you in my list of Links, too. What part of the world are you in? I’m at home in the southwest US.


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