can you remember what you chose to forget?

"The Birth of Venus," 1879, William-Adolphe Bouguereau

For reasons that seem unimportant now,
The memory of limitless existence slipped my mind
Loosened from the landscape surrounding my being
And lodged itself in a deep cave of forgetting
Ah Yes, now I remember…

The agreements drawn up and codified,
Shuttled from lifetime to lifetime on trains endlessly circling the roundhouse
Came up for review,
And I marked one, then another, with the time/date stamp of The Now
Declaring them null and void, and afire with the passion of unfolding grief
I cried, “Oh yes, I remember…”

For so many eons I forgot to remember,
Chose by decree to place my own brilliance in a lockbox of ancient origin
Pulled taut the veil that encircled my eyes and bound my heart in a shroud of detachment,
Muffled my authentic voice every moment it rose up in tentative emergence
Buttoned up layer upon layer of threaded memory that refused to unravel
Moved about the cabin in the haze of a self-induced field of myopia,
And forgot the one story that overshadowed the rest ~
Until the time was ripe to remember…

I remember walking in infinite grace and wisdom,
Creating every nuance of a glorious whole
Effortlessly picking succulent fruit from the bas-relief of a verdant forest
And having no word, tone or hue that carried the meaning of lack.

I remember being borne out of Love
Lips bright and shining with the fragrant sound of Yes!
Until others resounded with a thunderous No!
And shirking the harsh echoes of their company
I forgot there was no other, only self-reflection…

I remember being shown the ways of the warrior,
Given a strong heart with which to Love and be Loved
And a sharp sword to cut through the tangle
Of branches and thorns that would inevitably litter my path,
Yet somewhere along the road, I forgot to remember…

Seeking out the Why, I forgot to ask Why Not?
Grasping to Become, I forgot simply to Be
Desperately yearning for connection, I forgot and instead dismingled
Pushing toward the goal line and entranced by the game, I forgot to play,
In the haste to understand others
I forgot to recognize my own gaze in every pair of eyes I met…

The ceiling is shattered, the container expanding
So much more to embrace with nary a crack~
Frayed stories lie in tatters while Truth beckons gentle
It’s time Now! We can remember what we chose to forget…


(Note that this piece, like yesterday’s post, drips with succulence. Must be that Spring Thing! Today’s bit of poetic wisdom has appeared twice before on be whole now, yet insisted on coming out again today.)

6 thoughts

  1. Eliza,
    Thank you for stopping by; I am thrilled that you resonated so powerfully with my work. Please continue to visit and share your beauty and your thoughts.

    Yes, indeed! It is time in this Now and this Now and this Now and this. Delighted to have your smiling face and radiant spirit here at Be Whole Now.

    Well, there’s a fabulous testimonial if I ever heard one. Consider me appropriately humbled and exhilarated!

    Does it surprise you that I am diving deep and bringing up pearls? Why not join me in the sacred waters, soul friend? Many thanks for the b-day greeting.

    That voice visit is long overdue,sweetheart. Hope we can reconnect soon. Glad I can sprinkle a bit of sparkle in the direction of your remembering. The pleasure is mine…


  2. YES! I believe that Dearest Rachel is helping me to ‘remember’…this one is extremely grateful for that.


  3. wow it is happening with you. you’re diving into whatever it is. happy birthday blessings all the way.write on right on anam cara


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