feeling it’s not easy being you? “superman” by five for fighting (video 3:38)

At first, I thought this one was “for the boys” — until I realized it’s for all of us who are traversing the landscape that embraces the valley sweep between being “ordinary humans” and the untrammeled universe of becoming expanded, infinite beings of higher spiritual consciousness.

We are Creator Gods, we are wayshowers, we embody Divinity and the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine in every cell. Every step we take, every breath we make, is an act of heroism. Still, we seek simple human connections, authentic friendship, a sense of belonging, and, at the end of the day, a hearty bowl of soup and a comfortable place to lay our heads. Not always easy.

I have long resonated with the poignancy of this song. Today is a good day to share it.

Unfortunately, it’s restricted — you can go to youtube here to have a listen.

3 thoughts

  1. souldipper,
    I don’t know what it is about that song — the words, the melody, the whole package. I am now listening repeatedly, CONSTANTLY! to “King of the Earth,” also sung by John Ondrasik/Five for Fighting. It’s from the soundtrack of August Rush — and I swear, it is embedded with something quite magical!

    Thanks for speaking of my words in proximity to words from the songs of Solomon. (Even more, thanks for illuminating me re: the source when I emailed you to inquire!!)

    You might also find ancient memories in my series, Making Love to God, which you can find in the Archives over in the right-hand sidebar. (Even more, thanks for giving me the opportunity to gently plug another aspect of my writing!)

    So glad you found Be Whole Now.


  2. Love the verse in the song “Its not easy to be me, up, up, and away…away from me” The ‘Up, up and away from me’ part is essentially the call in your poem ‘The World Needs You Now.’

    Where have I heard this before….. lemme see, some ancient text, searching my memory, oh yeah, “Rise up my fair one, and come away” to who you really are… the universe and all the other ascended planets are joyfully waiting.


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