sacred marriage: you are the bridegroom, you are the bride

It seems no matter which way I point my gaze,
the sacred union of the divine masculine

and the divine feminine is staring me in the face.
Clearly, this is an unprecedented time for sanctifying this union within —
and for many, for also manifesting the external version.
This poem sprang forth
in the aftermath of a particularly exquisite and
nurturing bodywork session (at the low-cost massage
clinic of a nearby
junior college, no less!). There are two soulful sites associated with the image:
one is linked, both are gorgeous.

Manifestation Mandala for 2011,

there is a door above your sacrum where your soul resides,
you may open it now
if you choose

there is a dance that beckons, a drum that calls your name,
you may enter this temple of becoming
if you unlace your shoes

there is a birth occurring,
you will deliver yourself and you will be fed
if you surrender to the gnawing in your bones

a sacred marriage aches for consecration,
the chambers of your heart are overripe with desire~
no other holds dominion over the fettle of your soul

here is the altar
it has been laid with rings and flowers glistened with morning dew,
union is but love you make unto yourself
you are the bride, the bridegroom, in heavenly array
you are the birther, the birthed, the birth~
if you allow to know it so

there is a door below your heart where you reside,
man, woman, immaculate child, anointed sage
you may welcome them now
if you choose

the soft tinkling of a sacred bell announces your arrival,
in roses

3 thoughts

  1. Ben,

    Every Comment you make here is a valentine wrapped in gold! It means the world to me that my words touch you deeply. Blessings to you…xoxo


    “…make this heart even-more-archingly-achy.”

    Dang, wish I’d said THAT! Your perceptions and expessions are beautiful as always…xoxo


  2. Rachel, sweet, wonderful, beautiful woman that you really are, you will never cease to amaze me. You broght a part of me I had forgotten long ago in this poem. Bless you and love to you. Ben


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