inclusivity: an emerging frequency that will not be contained

Today, something for everyone!

Over at, I just read a mind-blowingly profound piece by Lisa Renee titled, “The New Frequency of Inclusivity.”  Disclaimer: This material is not for everyone. But, if you are comfortable with topics such as Unity Source Code, Christos Forces, the Galactic Superhighway of Synchronic Lines, and the “collaborative collapse” of 3D control systems, welcome home!

On the other hand, if you can stretch yourself and get past such information without judgment, you will receive a great deal of insight regarding current global events and how they are manifesting for everyone — including you.

And, on the third hand (!), if all of this leaves your head spinning, here’s a gentler, more accessible take on the subject of inclusivity: my poem, Prayer for Inclusion, which I penned on Inauguration Day 2009. It has appeared here before, usually with the note that it took First Place in an online competition, “The Inaugural Poem We Should Have Had,” over at

Mandala 1, oil on canvas, by Ron Gang of Kibbutz Urim, Israel

Prayer for Inclusion

Include me.

Invite me into the circle and guide me to the spot that bears my name
Escort me with a steadying touch, loose your hold and bear me aloft
Include my joy and ebullience, my hope and promise,
The tracks of endless tears and the wounds of struggle and pain
that have marked the past.

Include me raw and refined, defiant, quiescent
Include me enriched and diminished, broken and healed
Embrace me as the one anointed and demeaned,
Privileged and impoverished by stature, circumstance
or the trajectory of an inconstant moon.

Include my willingness.

Reap the fruits of surrender I have cultivated for this moment
Lead me through a doorway unadorned, a hallway lined with latency,
Pass the drinking gourd so that all who thirst,
May sip the undilute nectar of belonging.

Include me as woman, man, brother, sister, parent, child
Include me offering and offered, receiving and giving, creator and creation
Weave the strands of my soul into a blossoming tapestry of voices,
Joined by the shared heart of humanity and a long-aching hunger for unity.

Use every part of me
Include the infinitesimal and the inestimable
Lift me at once to my full height and humility
Draw out my hidden gifts and squandered talents
And draw me into the arms of others who await my arrival.

I am here in this Now,
Filled with passion, with purpose
My prayer but so simple:

Include me.

4 thoughts

  1. Lee,
    I so appreciate you revealing yourself. I’m always wondering,”Who, exactly, is out there?” and “What are they thinking?”

    Thank you for shedding a little light on my questions. I hope to hear from you again!

    I KNEW you would gobble up the Lisa Renee material! (: Glad to point you in that direction. I don’t believe I am familiar with the Law of One. Illuminate me, please?


  2. Thank you for the link, Rachel. I inhaled the post!

    Your poem is so apropos. Beautiful. Please include me, too. I love reading the Law of One so this is so updating.

    Yes. Many thanks.


  3. Welcome Home, Indeed, Rachel! Such a wonderful, powerful and poignant message. I’ve been reading your musings and prose for several months now and I just wanted to log on and to finally say “Thank You” for the blessings that you so unwaveringly share.

    From the fullness of my heart,



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