next wavers, this is your wakeup call: the world needs you now

I wrote this piece back in the 20th century (!), and it cycles around
from time to time. Thanks to some Facebookers, it’s now reaching out
and resonating with a lot of folks around the world.
I started out looking for bright, radiant images to post, but something
about the expectant, deer-in-the-headlights look on this young monk’s face captivated me.
Stepping into our own shoes can indeed be daunting, but when it’s time, it’s time.

“The Neophyte,” etching by Gustave Dore, 1877

The world needs you now.

More than you know.
More than you can imagine.

The world needs your gifts.
Your heart.
Your compassion.
Your understanding.

Your ability to listen
To speak
To feel
And to act.

The gifts that only you can give,
In the way that you and you alone can give them.

The time for holding back is over.

The time for believing that you are not good enough,
Not ready enough
Not wise enough
Has passed.

The time for fearing that you are too good,
Too powerful
Too magnificent
Too intelligent,
No longer exists.

You have run out of excuses.

You have exhausted every reason why you cannot be
Exactly who you were placed here to be.

Your usual distractions no longer distract.
Your strategies for staying small
For resisting the call to awaken
Are dead.

The world needs you now,
More than you know.

In the Great Circle of Life,
A space has been held for you
Since before Time began.

As you wandered, as you explored,
Your shoes waited, marking your place.

No one else approached,
For these shoes could only be filled by you.
You agreed to step into them when you were ready
To take your rightful place on the Circle.

And now, you are ready.

You are bored with your own self-absorption.
You choke and gag on your endless self-reflection and
Your belly is filled with an urgency
To leave jobs behind and embrace your real Work.

Now, at the exact moment that the world needs you,
You have uncovered and recovered and discovered enough
So that your authentic self can see the light of day.

So that you can step into the shoes that have been
Waiting for you since before time began.

Every moment that you delay,
Widens the hole in the web of existence.

For you are an essential ingredient,
Without which Creation is incomplete.
Global harmony rests in the palm of your hand.
Planetary peace will simply not be attained without
Your heart
Your mind
Your spirit.

The world needs you
And the world needs you now.

More than you know.

More than you can ever imagine.

7 thoughts

  1. I was deeply moved by this piece and wanted to pass it on to people, but want to make sure I give credit properly to the author…with your permission, of course. Rachel, are you the author? And do you want a last name included in the credit?
    Thank you for this.


    1. gretabug,

      Thank you for your integrity. Yes, I am the author. Please use my full name (Rachel Snyder), and include the name of my blog, Be Whole Now, and its URL: A direct link is, of course, always appreciated! If you reprint the material, I ask that the line spacing remain true to the original: There is a frequency and rhythm to the words that is integral to the piece, so I ask that people honor that. (:

      May I ask where you saw the piece — and what part of the planet you hail from?

      Thanks again. I hope you spend more time exploring all this site has to offer. Blessings To You!


      1. Hi, Rachel, Thank you for your prompt answer – I am in New Brunswick, Canada. Your poem was attached to a photo that my daughter sent me – she is always sending positive messages and pics out to family and friends. Thank you so much for your amazing poem!


  2. souldipper,
    How do you mean that you will do a post with your Guides? Will this be a channeled message? Or….?

    Much Love to You!

    You are so all THAT — and More! Much Love to You!

    Awesome suggestion! If you know of any crowds of young people who would like to hear this message, I would love to speak to them! Good for Graduation, eh??? Much Love to You!


  3. This is a wonderful call-to-action piece! This would be a great piece to read in front of a crowd of young people. It is very empowering and encouraging. Great piece Rachel!


  4. OMG!!!!
    Well…that’s THAT. The call of THAT. To be answered by THAT. How in love with THAT? Enough to die.


  5. Rachel, this is phenomenal! I’m going to be doing a post with my Guides soon and hope I can include a link to you. This was surely Divinely inspired considering this is the theme that is streaming in from so many different sources. Thanks for bringing it back to your post.


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