the wave is cresting: remain fluid in all things and unduly attached to none

Thanks to souldipper for pointing me back toward this poem, which I wrote and posted
in October 2010
, graced by John Singer Sargent’s loose-limbed “Spanish Dancer.”
Seems I invariably end up back at Bouguereau
when I go trolling for images:
note the woman has now shed her clothes!
I live in a drought-stricken, dusty place, and, as a double Piscean,
I tend to bring my own water (and fluidity) with me wherever I go.
Dare I say I relate to this woman, who has stripped herself bare
and displays scant interest in knowing what’s about to arrive?
“Meh,” she says, “I’ll deal when it’s right in my face, but why spoil the surprise?”

The Wave, by William Adolphe Bouguereau, oil on canvas, 1896

There are times to be patient
and times to act

Times to rise up strong and independent
and times to sink to the floor in surrender

Change may very well ask you to be wildly proactive one day
and hands off the next,
an outspoken go-getter one week
and a quiet listener before the next rolls around

Your best chance at riding out flux
is to remain fluid in all things
and unduly attached to none

This need not be backbreaking work,
though flexibility and the willingness to
shake the ridigity out of your bones are key

Resist the temptation
to jump to conclusions too early

Do not hurdle over obstacles
in your rush to reach a destination
before tasting the fullness of the journey

The endless procession of choices
will continue with or without you:
haste is a waste of your energy

You will never be able to speed up change
or slow its inherent momentum ~
and why would you want to?

Every stage of the process
comes bearing its own gifts

An inability to adapt
will strip you of valuable dividends…

…and the wealth they contain.

5 thoughts

  1. Ben,
    IMHO, the men who can recognize the descending feminine energy (and not turn away!)are the sacred masculine warriors of the universe. You are such a gift to the planet!

    Aye, Aye! With mates like you, how could I possibly lose?

    Thanks to you for the sugar — and that precious angel in your arms, too!

    Thank you, KW. I know the original piece, but never read the book that followed. Believe it or not, I truly don’t read all that much…


  2. Wonderful poem Rachel, the feminine energy that is descending upon earth is well represented in the photo. I like it. Bless you Rachel dear one.


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