it is time to lay the era of “channeling” to rest — and claim the wisdom that lies within you

This post has been taking shape for six months — and now, its time has come. No more holding back for fear that these words will somehow disrespect or appear to discredit the fine, fine work of so many gifted individuals — or the concomitant fear that my more mainstream readers will instantly label, judge, and distance themselves from me.

For many years, I have followed, admired, honored, and put great stock in the wisdom, comfort, and joy brought forth by those who identify themselves as “channelers.” Some have become dear friends and trusted advisors.

Multidimensional Fount of Light Currently Existing on Planet Earth

Even so, I have a confession:

At this juncture in human evolution, I think the concept has become a prehistoric crutch and an outdated bit of hooey. (Ah, yes, do you not hear St. Germain sounding the chuckle heard ’round the Universe?)

All you gifted transmitters of Archangels, Galactic Guides, Ascended Masters, Ancestral Sages, and other Source communicators, please breathe deeply and hear me out.

It’s not about them anymore. It’s about us — naming and claiming who we are and what we are here to create. It’s about fully embodying the understanding that humanity has now reached sufficient critical mass consciousness for each of us to throw back the curtain and come out of the multidimensional closet.  (And yes, that’s from me, torn and tattered, whole and perfect, speaking from my deepest place of infinite knowing. You can call me, um, Rachel. )

There seems always to be a great rush to hear the wise words from entities who, by dint of their lack of a spinal column and recognizable central nervous system, appear to possess a higher intelligence than the rest of us who bravely volunteered to navigate this often ponderous, earthly walk.

I’m not buying it anymore.

I submit that the higher intelligence rests within each of us — and it no longer serves to lay attribution at the (disembodied) feet of any essence perceived to be more brilliant and more connected than our own magnificent selves.

When one speaks truth from an Ascended Master, is that one not tapping the ray of herself wherein she exists as an Ascended Master ?

When one brings through glorious, uplifting messages from the Angelics, is that one not speaking from his own Angelic Core and delighting us with his infinite connection with Home?

When you hear as clear as a bell the teachings of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, who speaks if not the wise elder who you have always been?

The wise and witty guide who elicits tears and laughter — is you! The fairies who enchant you with magic and charm you with their antics — are part of your own fairy DNA! The starship commander who helps to chart your journey is a long-ago and far-away part of you returned home to your once-murky, ever-clearing awareness.

Are these Middle-Earth inhabitants, Mayan prophets, collective committees of consciousness, and voices from beyond the veil clamoring for credit and seeking to broaden their popularity and world reach? Do they lobby us for greater access and unlimited audience capture?

Of course not! Without attempting to overlay the human template onto non-human essence — they know who they are and their essential beingness is scarcely affected by whether their handles or usernames are splashed about the Internet and beyond.

Simply put, these guys are ready to cut the apron strings on we beleaguered humans and step back into their lives (our word, not theirs) of everlasting love and splendiferous creation. Imagine the gang at the Star Wars Bar high-fiving each other and declaring in uncountable languages of color, light, molecular glitter, and sound, “By Jove, I think they’ve got it!”

In the past, I myself have brought through wisdom and was enthralled to “meet” the ones who stepped forth and introduced themselves.

Sometimes my writing sounds Elizabethan in tone and tenor, because the essence that is “me” has walked and lived among Shakespeare and his contemporaries.  Other times, my words echo chords found in ancient scripture or saintly missives, because my multitudinous existence contains the Christ and the Magdalen and so I speak from Divine experience.

For eternities, my soul has traveled galaxies untold and walked barefoot this vast Turtle Island in the company of great healers and leaders – and from no other Source than the pure and holy All-There-Is, does my wisdom and knowing flow through my bag of bones and onto the page before me.

Consciousness is an equal opportunity experience. So why not call a spade a spade — and release the propensity to play second fiddle to entities who, in truth, reside within us and reflect everything each of us always has been and always will be?

Brilliance and insight know no boundaries and require no overlaid constructs that, in truth, separate and divide us from the totality of limitless being. And if you are uplifted by the belief that this post emanated from some speck of consciousness that exists outside the reaches of ordinary knowing, so be it!

Let’s call it Rachel.

And now, we are complete.

18 thoughts

  1. Dear Rachel,
    Thank you so much.I am so glad that finally someone has brought this to Light.
    It is always the same story.I have stopped reading the posts.
    Much love and thanks to you.


    1. Marija, you are most welcome. This post was first written in May 2011; perhaps more people are sufficiently aware to listen to it differently today. Please visit again! Blessings…


  2. Synchronicity brought me here this Sunday morning as I was contemplating an article titled ” Channeling is Passe”. Thank you Rachel for this incredible article, it so resonates with me and I admire your ability to put forth such words. My Mother Tongue is Croatian so I am struggling with the English, but you know the old adage? Why duplicate something that already exists, plagiarize! No, just re blogged this on my blog. You said it so eloquently and I almost feel that I know you, I am sure I do, can’t wait to find out how and when.


    1. Ines,
      I am so glad that synchronicity brought you here. I visited your site and yes, felt a resonance with you as well. No need to apologize for your English — both your vocabulary and syntax are great! Glad to know there are others in synch with my commentary. Blessings…


  3. Greetings, All You Wonderful Commenters!

    Clearly, you are a wise and discerning individual. Thanks for calling me “gutsy” — makes me feel like Katharine Hepburn on a good day.

    Does the dinner invitation include a car and driver sent to pick me up? Wine sounds divine!

    I am so touched by the wisdom and depth you bring to my Comment Stream. It would please me greatly if Leslie’s car and driver will stop ’round to pick you up, as well. What a dinner that would be!!

    Perfectly said. To add anything would be superfluous. (Oh,sorry…Doh! There I go again…)

    Hmmm, is there a koan in your comment? If we wish for people to listen to me telling people only to listen within, well, you get the picture…:)

    * blowing you kisses and tossing a rose in your direction *

    Christopher Snell,
    I enjoyed visiting your site and the conversation that ensued, and encourage others to click on your name, as well. P.S.: Thanks for the blessed rain, hail, and cloud cover that brought in June.

    So glad to hold up the mirror to your lovely, multidimensional face(s). So you’re welcome!

    Buddhi Buddhi,
    A great story, and so appropriate! Nice to have you back in the cyberhood. As for your followup question, that is a picture of whoever you want it to be…


  4. Currently there are said to be about 7 billion very ordinary Multidimensional Founts of Light Existing on Planet Earth. :-)

    Bankei was working in the garden.
    A seeker of truth came to the Temple and asked Bankei, “Gardener, where is the master?”
    Bankei laughed and said, “You will find the master inside”
    So the seeker performed the sacred rites and entered the Temple.
    When he got there, he was very upset to see Bankei sitting in the Master’s chair.
    “This is sacrilegious and disrespectful – where is the Master!” he exclaimed.
    “I’m sorry”, said Bankei, but if you expect to find the Master, only in special places,
    you will miss him in all the ordinary places”.

    Namaste Rachel


  5. Spot on, Rachel! On Facebook, my description says “… a magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional and eternal being of love and light… and so are you!”. I now realize its deep and complete meaning was lost on me until your post. So thank you!


  6. Bravo! Empowering words sista’ – so true and refreshingly honest in the current context of conspiracy and “who-ha, whatever” all about the internet. Well done Rachel.


  7. yay! well said rachel, and i hope everyone is listening, the divine is within us, and we indeed have access to all the wisdom, insight, memory and revelation that is needed at any time …. you say it so beautifully, thank you … others just need to take the time to listen for themselves and get over relying on someone else to tell them :)


  8. Rachel, I agree with Ben, you’re a gutsy lady. I’ve also been thinking lately about all the ‘healing’ work that has been happening over the past 30 years and I think it’s time to just let go and BE the love that we are. Be loving and kind and the need for healing goes away. It’s time to be here now AS the light of the world. We all have it, right there within. Now is the time to shine.


  9. Congratulations on your courage, Rachel. I can only imagine the birthing process that this took.

    Your courage has revved mine:

    I have commented to friends and acquaintances who frequent psychics, etc. for THE answer – “Why not cut out the middleman? Go within.”

    The Intuitive sessions I have had with people all end with that message -without exception.

    I had a near-death experience which gave me an insight of Oneness. Clearly, the message – which I sensed word-for-word after I surrendered to death – was from within. Its “properties” and effect result in my feeling this – as a way to explain that connectedness: I accept that I am part of the overall-ness of time, but I still use the aid of timepieces.

    I love the concept of co-creation. There are so many names for the connection to our higher selves, our wisdom, our source that it’s folly trying to capture it under one label.

    Each person has a level of connectedness from which he/she is capable of plugging in. If it’s an angel, a guide, a god, a tree…what does it matter? I’m delighted that more and more people are turning to meditation and contemplation.

    We grow into taking responsibility for our part in this universal journey. But the means of attaining that growth is individual. When religions attempt to claim “one way”, they are scorned. What would make it any different with a spiritual path or belief system?

    Your post, in my perception, is validation of some sort of change to your maturation process, Rachel. Your courage to write this is exemplary and I respect you for speaking your voice.

    I really look forward to your next posts.


  10. Wow Rachel You said it this time, and I for one am in total agreement with you. You are a loving and gutsy lady. I bless you dear lady, for now you may bless yourself. My love and light and truth for you Rachel. Ben> The Master of Definance.


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