thank you, peoplepassion, for making a video of my poem, ‘what if an angel took hold of your hand?’

Finally, some sensitive and talented folks created a youtube video
featuring one of my poems, and I am thrilled!
If you did not see “what if an angel took hold of your hand?”
when I posted it on January 27, 2011, you can find it here.
The full text is also included at the youtube site.
The peoplepassion channel is definitely worth a visit, as well;
they have produced a powerful series of videos to heighten awareness
of the drought and famine that have stricken the Horn of Africa.
Thank you, Tom and Gisl, for giving voice to my work in such a lovely way.

3 thoughts

  1. Thanks, Akasa and tekia,

    This video is stirring my thoughts re: new forms in which to bring my Work out into the world. We shall see; we shall see…


  2. Hearing my Celestial Sister Rachel’s poetry put to music and video quite naturally makes me smile and say Ahhhhh! Well done!
    Her poetry lifts the soul to heavenly heights and causes us to look within, which is what poetry is supposed to do.


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