dealing with widespread uncertainty? drink here the gentle wisdom of robert wilkinson

Virginia Creeper, Philip Hyde (1921-2006)

Robert Wilkinson is so much more than a world-class astrologist —
and this post, A Letter To A Spiritual Warrior
Dealing With Widespread Uncertainty In Many Lands,
reflects his wise and insightful approach to life.
There’s not a single word of astrology here,
though he does bring in some of his Eastern/Buddhist thinking
while maintaining a universal tone. After being
awakened in the night by a small yet unsettling earthquake
in my tiny Colorado hamlet, these words of Robert’s brought me
quietly and profoundly back to center.

4 thoughts

  1. insomniac,

    You’re welcome. I find Robert Wilkinson to be so very wise and so very compassionate. All-around great human being!

    Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Doing my part to populate The Now. Thanks for the invite. (:

    Copy that. I’m headed over to read your Seachange post right now. Great to see your smiling avatar!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the link to Robert’s article. This resonated:
    “It’s a time for all of us to build our energy, “gather our medicine,” and continue diligently to find flexible clarity around our short term and long term intentions. We must be willing to learn to adapt, since nothing is as it was even a year ago and probably won’t be again. ”

    In my personal blog I blogged about seachange. Seachange can be defined as acting upon a desire to pursue a lifestyle that focuses on improved quality of life. This summer as I watch the ebb and flow of the tides, and witness the winds of change, I’ve been noticing woman I am constantly becoming. We are born and reborn at every moment.


  3. Thank you for this post Dear Rachel…a writer on FB, who loves your writing, requested your contact.
    Is all standing in CO?…your Heart is for certain.
    Perhaps you’re coming out to CA for a bit? It may be crowded in this abode in September but fun.
    ♥ -L.


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