i suppose we are here for each other

I suppose I am here for you,
to hold your hand in mine
and in the other, an outstretched lantern
penetrates a narrow causeway

And so gingerly together we take each step
toes probing the darkness
anticipating a slipslide of all we have believed is solid
all that we believe will lift us out of the muck and into the miraculous
all that we believe.

I suppose you are here for me,
to fill the bellows of my heart
to breathe lightly into crannies where disappointments of the past
once chose to dwell

And so we cast away our shards of trepidation
link arms in delicate solidarity
look deeply and see each other aglow with a searching radiance
see in each other the ripening muscularity of goodness
see that unity trumps illusion.

I suppose in every pair of eyes,
a thousand glimmering mirrors rest
and in the worn and weary faces of dispossession
love’s noble journey begins

And so we make our way through the steaming imbroglio
that so often impersonates the imagined life
letting go of all we once believed intractable
all that our knowing hearts yielded to eyes that only now recognize
all that is now all this.

We will never again be quite the same,
you, me, every pair of eyes
it befits one to give, receive, I suppose,
golden cups have been placed in waiting hands

5 thoughts

  1. Randall,
    Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words.

    And I am joyful you are here, too. I love your imagery of “(cutting) right through the BS.” I have historically wielded a lot of sharp swords in my writing, slicing to the core truths. Thanks for noticing.

    Simply your own inner radiance being reflected back at you.

    Sister Akasa,
    Hmmm. Holy Mantra. I like that.
    Blessings, ((()))


  2. Rachel…This! This should be the Holy Mantra for the Occupy Movement Love! :)

    Glorious in every way Sister!

    Mitakuye Oyasin


  3. Rachel,
    you have a beautiful knack to cut right through the BS, and to get the core feelings which are universal truth, completely natural in their essence. I am joyful you are here for us.


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