prayer for radical patience (audio poetry 4:24)

For every moment I have waited,
Let me wait ten thousand moments more!
Let me delight in the glory of the waiting
And the exquisite expectancy it tenders.

For every instance I knew the now was near
Yet for reasons untold it was not mine to receive,
Let me know that divinity still presides over a vast and loving universe
And that patience rides a chariot whose name is endless joy.

May trust and courage override the niggling fears that come rapping at my door
May I embody, enfold the seeds of truth scattered on the ground before me,
Knowing that the ones I cannot see have long been planted in most fertile soil
And even now transfigure into form’s most brilliant luminescence.

Let me remember without pause or hesitation that time is no longer mine to manipulate
That my longest-held, most ardent intentions hover ever so close
That what I have always felt carries an essence that cannot be denied
That what becomes tomorrow
Is made manifest by what my thoughts and actions reveal today,
And that in discernment, I can invite the superfluous to fall to dust.

For every dream I have dreamed, be it awake or slumbering
Let me remember without end that the dream exists and always has
That not one single cry for love’s bounty has gone unheard
That not one word of blessing has traveled outside the reach of restitution
That angelic legions have for eternity cradled my heart in their hearts
And have held my tear-streaked face in their unstained palms.

Not one moment of unleashed passion do I regret
Nor word spoken or written would I hasten to erase,
Each moment given to compassion’s call resounds outside the fringe of time
Every choice taken in the name of service stands on its own
Reverberates through the lingering haze of fog-bound enchantment ~
Within a bowl filled with morsels of truth lies life’s greatest feast.

For every moment I have waited
Let me wait ten thousand moments anew!
Let me delight in the glory of the waiting and let this be my prayer:
May all waiting cease and patience welcome in,
For pure Desire’s sake, for the sake of Love,
Yet not for want of more.

5 thoughts

  1. brendafraser,
    Many thanks (:

    And you are very kind to say so…

    The drum sounds in gratitude for your listening.

    Love this line: “It is with patience that gratitude is awarded and hope rewarded.” Spoken by one who knows of what she speaks. Clearly you have tasted that “secret joy” that comes with waiting. No, it’s not always easy, but it doe help ease the journey if we allow it, eh?


  2. Radical patience indeed. Even simple patience is hard to come by, I should know, but I’m working on it. There is a secret joy that comes from waiting on that dream. It makes the arrival of that dream all the more joyous and sweet. In our daily thinking we want what we want when we want it but there is no gratitude for that thing. It is with patience that gratitude is awarded and hope rewarded. A fantastic piece Rachel!!


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