i have been gifted by a solstice angel! (“this fragile web” video 3:31)

A divine confluence occurred between my post of
“this fragile web: why every moment matters” (November 18, 2011)
and my post of December 3, which featured the sublime video
“A Fire For You – Winter Solstice,” created by merhlin
and featuring the music of composer John Boswell.
I connected with merhlin (aka Jeff ), presented him with my longheld vision of
collaborating with other creatives to add a new level of dimensionality
to my words, and he has created an exquisite video featuring
my poetic expression. I truly feel that I have been visited by an angel
and look forward to more collaborative efforts with this talented Creator.
The fruit is ripe and glistening, my friends. Prepare for a lush harvest!
ps: be patient. the sound kicks in at about :19.

11 thoughts

  1. Janet,
    Thank you, Sweetheart. Happy Everything to you and FR!

    You are so very welcome, my courageous and beautiful friend.

    Glad you stopped by to enjoy the video.

    The vibrational frequency of this collaboration does seem rather high, doesn’t it? ((()))

    While visiting merhlin’s channel, I saw your comments from a time ago. Why am I not surprised at this intersection of spirit? It has taken about 14 views for me to get to the point where I do not weep openly. Blessings!

    Ten years, you say? I am grateful for your friendship and support. May we all stand together poised to begin a new tomorrow…

    Thank you, Christine, for helping spread this gift across the planet. Enjoy your Summer Solstice!

    As your kind and thoughtful words have made MY day! You are most welcome.

    Thank you for helping share this video far and wide. You are a never-ending fountain of Love’s purest essence.

    Hey Bro, thanks for the sugar. I have been missing our cyber-interactions and look forward to reconnecting.


  2. dear and divine rachel…..beautiful words of inner silence and equally fine music ……thanks ……seasons greetings ……will share on my face book as well as on my page ……love all.


  3. I find myself repeating the word exquisite. The combination of all the talents presented here, need no words, it all speaks for itself.


  4. I weep openly this Solstice morning with the beauty of your words Kindred Sister, and the creative mind of Mehrlin, my long time brother on You Tube. You both have given us a moment and more to meet this beautiful sunrise in awe of creation/creator. May you long collaborate together, if this be the reflective and thought-provoking result!

    Ahhhh! My spirit and soul feels richer and more divine for having witnessed a creative dream unfold! :)

    Cascading and Radiant Solstice Blessings Sister Rachel!


  5. Exquisite that truly is – a perfect collaboration! And so lovely to view each line, at that pace, in its turn.

    Happy Holidays my friend.


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