do it today

if you have something to say
and you know deep in your belly that
it needs to be heard
speak it

if you have something fresh to begin
and like a chick too large for its egg
it can no longer be contained
start it

perhaps you have something to end once and for all,
something you have continued to engage in
even though it drains or suffocates you

let it go
do it today

if your deepest dreams were long ago placed on a shelf
reach up and dust them off,
reclaim them with love and unabashed ardor
and embrace them once again

if you have allowed yourself to be stuffed into boxes
too small for your grandeur
cut the strings that bind
and bust out so your spirit can fly free

if you are surrounded by disrespect and judgment
walk away from the part of yourself that continues
to attract this unwanted attention,
and realign yourself with the essence of who you truly are

if your heart and mind remain cluttered
clear them

if unfinished business cries out to you from every corner
complete it

if insistent voices within and without clack and clatter day and night
walk away into a provocative silence

do it today

if you feel lonely, dispossessed,
extend your hand to another in unconditional offering
and feel the quiet joy of connecting

if fear licks at you from every direction
find in yourself a slender pocket of contentment and rest there,
until fear slinks away under a cloud of disregard

if you are carrying pain and suffering for no other reason
than a twisted familiarity and the belief there can be no other way,
release the past and allow yourself to entertain new notions of self-acceptance

if forgiveness is needed,
give or receive it

if a modicum of kindness is required,
offer or accept it

in honor of the nuanced upwelling you cannot resist
for the love of all that you hold dear
for the quiet attainment of all you desire,
the lasting peace you so richly deserve

do it today

7 thoughts

  1. Ruth,
    I am overjoyed that you found what you needed, when you needed it. Your kind words came just when I needed them, too. Thank YOU, and you’re welcome. ((((((()))))))


  2. Rachel,
    This poem came just when I needed it today….deep, insightful and thoroughly inspiring. I love your writing and I am very glad to have discovered it – thank you.


  3. Maria,
    i know that my writing helps ME get some perspective. Knowing that you take that away as well, is icing on the cake. Perfect exchange, wouldn’t you say?

    I am delighted that you found your way here. Think of it as a filling station on your continuing journey. Welcome!


  4. What a beautiful poem. It is so easy to become stuck in rejection. I do it; we all do it. I think your writing helps us get some perspective. Thank you.


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