doorway #1, doorway #2, doorway #3: what’s your flavor?

In my multiverse, today feels like a bust-out day. (At last…)

I could share with you the fact that I have been “in session” for days – supported by the energetic healings of Aleya Dao, whose daily “Cups of Consciousness” have become a staple of my evolutionary diet. Her most recent, one-hour “Tall Cups” healing/meditation for clearing Ancestral Issues and Lack has supported me in peeling away layer after layer after layer of inherited hoo-hah. (It’s fast becoming the most popular selection on my iTunes!) She offers a free trial week of shorter balancings and loads of longer downloads. If the idea of sacred geometric healing chambers and working with your body devas rings your chime, check her out.

Or, I could mention that I was blown away (Not literally; it was actually quite grounding!) this morning by a piece entitled “Self-Definition” by Lisa Renee, now available at Lisa’s “Energetic Synthesis” material ranges from solid guidance to help you navigate your journey of energetic healing and evolution — to explorations of Inner-Dimensional Ancient Arc Hub gateways, Founder Guardian Frequencies, and  planetary grid architecture. You can always pick and choose the parts that resonate with you — or, if it’s not your flavor, just surf on by. (Her take on why men are now particularly challenged will definitely be a stretch for some, though I gobbled it up…)

And if none of the above speaks to you, this oldie-but-goodie clip of Natalie Merchant singing “Wonder” is pure delight. I love the upbeat spirituality of the message as well as the glorious spectrum of feminine images. Lyrics are here. Beauty and wonder are all around. Enjoy!

3 thoughts

  1. Leslie,
    You always know best what you are to do or not to do. You can download all the Tall Cups from Aleya after the fact; that’s what I do. The doorways just keep on a’coming, don’t they? Love to you…

    Just hearing that is “like enough” for me… (((())))


  2. Dearest Rachel…Something kept me from taking a leap. Like you said…’Do It Today’…seemed I couldn’t. AND, what’s more, I missed the Aleya Tall Cup on Clearing Ancestral Issues…Argghhhhh…..exhaustion may be the route.
    Doorway # 108…♥


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