trust your heart, they will find you

these letters dance in spiral rhyme
connect the dots, they measure time
and space revolves
on axes turned,
flares reignite
in absinthe burned

beyond mere words lies roisterous grace
faint lines distill ‘cross heaven’s face
avert your gaze,
soft eyes reveal
the truth of what you think
you feel

deep in the mist of vapored light
hands pivot round turned left, then right
existence sways,
sparks rolling thunder
caught off guard
now torn asunder

the net sewn fine to soften your fall
dissolves and offers nothing at all
so tattered, torn,
in mud now drags
robes once besplendored,
strung in rags

from sand and seed is born afresh
bones intact now laid with flesh
fair earth pours forth in rapt profusion,
your task?
seek clear,
eschew confusion

what postures as loss may be gain in disguise
a fool’s muddled words carry much that is wise
all that you desire may not be what you need
the rose not yet bloomed, some consider a weed

you labor, you struggle in misapprehension
while freedom awaits you in higher dimension
put down your baggage
embrace mighty forces
release your own chains,
unsaddle your horses

there’s no turning back, the past fades behind you
be still
wander not
trust your heart
they will find you

5 thoughts

  1. you do the hard work. i admire that.
    i recently rummaged through one of my bins full of stuff for some needed notes and stopped my frantic paused a moment when i found ‘what there is to love about a man,’ flipped it open at random and read will. it was exactly what i needed for the day i had ahead of me. thanx:)


  2. Janet,
    And you, I love. Thank you!

    Beautiful words from a beautiful man. Thank you!

    I must wonder: Did you hear my name from humans, or was it echoing from some higher symphony? Either way works for me! Thank you for the sugar, bro.


  3. Inspired creation. I kept hearing your name, and now I know why. Your light is bright sweet sister. Keep shining!


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