now tenderly rendered in video: you are the river of love’s tenderness (4:29)

If you had the pleasure of viewing the video presentation
of my piece, “this fragile web: why every moment matters,”
you know the skill and grace with which Jeff T (MerhlinsPlace)
weaves deeply felt words, images, and music.
Jeff and I have collaborated once again, bringing a new dimension
to my poetry, “you are the river of love’s tenderness,”
which appears in text form in the post directly below this one.
Jeff’s ability to elevate my healing journey of personal trauma into
such a gorgeous portrait of compassionate humanity,
is testament that “there’s only one of us here.”

6 thoughts

  1. Ben,
    Whenever you comment, i feel as though bouquets of roses have been delivered to my door. It means a great deal to me — now more than ever. It takes a beautiful heart to recognize another. (((())))

    Thank you so much, Ann. I hope your/our extended family & friends enjoy the video as well. (((())))

    Love the new name. So filled with the promise of spring and new life! xoxox back to you!


    1. Rachel, my dear sweet lady, you stand out from the crowd. Your wonderful and beautiful words show what is in your heart. Thank you from my heart to yours. xoxo


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