letting go: a trilogy of offerings to ease your way through grief and loss

So many of us seem to be navigating through grief and loss these days.

It might be the loss (or impending loss) of people and other living beings. It might be that we are releasing old dreams and pictures of how we expected our lives could have, might have, would have, certainly should have looked by now.

It may be that we are grieving past pains and suffering and loneliness and a lingering sense of alienation — all having outlived their usefulness as we each move in our own way toward greater awakening. Truth is, when we bid Sayonara to anything whatsoever — even if we consider the quality, belief, experience, feeling, or fear to be something we are ready to give up in the name of wholeness — grief is appropriate.

Everywhere you look (yes, even inside), you hear the chorus of voices: Let it go. Release the old. Leave your baggage behind. Truth is, it’s not a light and breezy process. Only the courageous of heart and spirit will go beyond faintly scratching the surface or choosing to turn to any of the forms of anaesthesia that beckon seductively.

This site tries not to pull any punches. The archives are filled with tears and drawn swords, wailing and keening and hanging on underground meat hooks, pathways through thorny forests and grueling canyons, dark nights (and weeks and months) of the soul. These experiences are not destinations or final resting places, however. In my experience (which may or may not bear any resemblance to your own), these are yellow brick roads that lead to bejeweled cities and eventually, to the Home you have sought all along.

Here is the video that features my poem, “this fragile web: why every moment matters,” artfully and soulfully produced by merhlin (Jeff T).

Here, a gentle, rhyming reminder if you “have forgotten you are Creation’s favorite lover”

Here, for anyone who feels lost or forsaken, “if you feel lost and alone…”

4 thoughts

  1. cristeen,
    Thank you.
    P.S., you are not alone either!

    You are welcome.
    P.S., you are lovely as well!

    Your heart speaks volumes.
    P.S., xoxo to you, too, sweet one!


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