third time the charm? seek no longer: creation is your only purpose

This piece has appeared here twice, first on 2/09/2009.
I newly discovered the image of Mud People at the site, along with
a very readable synopsis of the Mayan Popol Vuh creation myths.

There comes a time when it is no longer enough
to seek out the transformative life.

There comes a time to listen deeply and to say Yes!
to the faintest inklings of your heart.

That is the time when you become a creator in your own right.
When you answer the Call without reservation and with fulsome heart.

It may not be convenient or practical.
It may make no sense to your family or friends.
Yet if you have stepped – however hesitantly – onto the byway of your true destiny,
every door will open and you will know that you have arrived.

Your God will greet you at the threshold.
You will embrace and be embraced.
You will feel the soft flutter of wings about your face.

It will matter not whether you know exactly what you are to do
or how you are to do it.
It will matter not whether money awaits you.
It will matter not if your cupboard is bare, your clothes threadworn,
your pockets brimming with emptiness.

You will begin anyway.

You will tremble as an utterly remarkable sense of belonging
echoes into the deepest chambers of your heart.
An unfamiliar feeling will wash over you,
and before you recognize that grace surrounds you,
you may wonder if you are dreaming.

You are not dreaming.

You will feel responsible, yet not burdened.
Wildly passionate, yet fully grounded.
Support will swoop in from every direction and you will fly
even though your feet remain firmly rooted on the Earth.

Seek no longer:
creation is your only purpose.

Complete your unfinished business and prepare to begin anew.
Prepare for something far more glorious than you have allowed yourself to imagine.
Vaster than you have allowed yourself to dream.

You are no longer dreaming.

Your time has come and you may hesitate as fear clutches at your throat.
You will wonder if your breath has stopped completely
as doubt and fear race helter-skelter through your body.
Try as you might, you will forget your original instructions and the box they came in.
You may feel dazed and confused —
unsure of who you have been and who you are becoming.

You will begin anyway.
You may need to crawl until you walk,
but you will begin.

As you do,
you will remember precisely what you forgot.
And why.

And once you begin,
you will seek no more.

6 thoughts

  1. “Seek no longer:
    creation is your only purpose.”
    This just came out of the blue one day when you opened yourself to a feeling, a hunch, a thought that may have hatched during a dream or following a 15-minute meditation session one early morning before having a cup of coffee and looking on the computer screen to see what our glorious Source will help us open to . . .

    Christ, where the hell did that come from?

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to let myself drift off that way. I wasn’t thinking and all of a sudden the keyboard took off on its own and starting typing from somewhere near my deepest heart’s desire.

    You are inspirational!
    I wish I had gotten to know you a little better earlier. But, I got a lot of catching up to do and nothing but several hundred of your posts to look at.


    Michael J


  2. Andrea,
    I so appreciate when you are moved to share my work with your readers.Thank you. (((())))

    You are welcome, my dear friend. Your heart is open and golden, to be sure.

    I adore when that happens! Glad we were in synch on 3/18 — my birthday!


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