know that you are loved, no matter how large your ears may be (video 2:30)

If you have ever felt unloved, judged, bullied, forsaken,
or abandoned,
it’s safe now to let it go and allow yourself
to partake of a greater Love.

No need to pin the sentiment on any particular person
living here or beyond.
The embrace might emanate from nature,
from the animal kingdom,
from the All-There-Is,
the Goddess, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe,

or from a distant star you remember ever so faintly yet so very well.

If you prefer, feel welcome to imagine that this outpouring
tenderness is traveling straight from my heart to yours.
Because it is.

I’m certain that someone needs to drink deeply
of this sweet video cocktail
featuring The Divine Miss M
teamed up with The Divine Mister Disney.

Otherwise, why would they have tugged at my sleeve
so insistently?

Thanks to mattcharles for uploading the video.

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