be whole now, exposed

Remember months ago when I said I would be making changes to this site?

Well, after months of slogging through molasses, that time seems to be now. But rather than try on a multitude of versions in the “dressing room” as it were, I’ve decided to tinker out in the open. There are a couple reasons why I suddenly feel inspired to make these changes, and we’ll get to them later.

Meanwhile, you might see things come and go quickly. It appears that while I was other-occupied, my brain was wiped clean of everything I once knew about working with the blog themes. For now, though, I had to bid Adieu to the dark “Chaotic Soul” background, and I did. Talk about pulling teeth!

Life holds no guarantees, so don’t get too attached to anything going on. It could all change again in the blink of an eye…

10 thoughts

  1. Akasa,
    And isn’t “blinking” good for the soul, as well? Glad you like what you see!

    Have just visited your blog and learned of your current (and previous) challenge with cancer. Despite that, you are blogging from your phone and you’ve got the Facebook and Twitter things going on. Light years ahead of me! Do you think it’s time for you and I to collaborate? Your art always floored me. Much love, old friend…


  2. Rachel-
    I certainly understand the need to “shake things up.” I’ve let my word press blog sit dormant for . . . well years. This year has brought some new challenges that have resurrected it. I have always found comfort in your wonderful words . . . they connect so often with my art. –Sara


  3. We all know blinking is good for the eye Dear Rachel…
    With that being said? I love the new look! :)
    In Lak’ech!


  4. valleyroadrambler,
    And Good Solstice to you! There is much light and radiance available to us now: may your heart be open and available to drink of the sun’s liquid Love. Does this darkish background work on the eyes? The contrast with the white text, which is larger than what I had before, gives a crisper appearance. I appreciate your feedback…

    Yes, freshed and refreshed! Does this color make my posts look big??? (:

    I tend to feel that everything eventually ends up showering us with some type of blessing — though yes, it can take a very long time for us get over our suffering and acknowledge the light that has arrived arm-in-arm with the darkness. Thank you for your Comment.

    Thanks for your vote of confidence. The time must be right, as I am already having a grand time playing with colors. Yes, we can always always always count on change. What a constant it is!

    Love that we are still connected heart-to-heart and trust that you are moving with changes as smoothly and gently as possible. (:


  5. ‘It could all change again in the blink of an eye…’ — Song to my heart. Thank You Dearest Rachel…♥


  6. ”Life holds no guarantees, so don’t get too attached to anything going on. It could all change again in the blink of an eye……”
    It’s a blessing and a curse…change.


  7. Good for you! It feels good to clean house from time to time, and the old theme did make reading more of a challenge. Happy first day of summer!


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