Traveling to a new universe whose name is new york city

Bryant Park, Midtown Manhattan, 2007

Sure, I could tell you how the shifting energies on the planet have taken me down, lifted me up, knocked me around, recalibrated me and flooded my beingness with unfathomable light — but why bother? Those of you who know what I’m talking about, well, you already know what I’m talking about. And those who don’t, can learn more about the subject from myriad sources online or off-planet. Take your choice.

It’s happening — whatever you feel “It” is. It’s here now, whatever meaning you ascribe to either of those generally abstract notions. Some are still waiting and resisting, and blessings to them all. Some are finding a new and lasting contentment in the simple things life has to offer, and it is a beautiful thing, no? Some of us are finally! moving forward after multiple eternities.

Here’s what I really want to tell you. On July 10 at 7pm, I will be one of three poets participating in a “Spiritual Poetry Night” at Bryant Park in Manhattan — a vibrant, green (!), urban space, pictured above, just behind the iconic New York Public Library and culturally about as far removed from my remote, drought-stricken, rural existence as you can get and still be on US soil.

A beautiful woman who I have never laid eyes on, stumbled upon my blog last summer, contacted me, and then approached the organizer of the “Word for Word Poetry Series,” which takes place weekly in the summer months in the (outdoor) Reading Room, under a canopy of London Plane trees. “Why not consider doing a Spiritual Poetry Night?” said woman asked, “…and consider featuring this poet from Colorado.” Or, something to that effect.

So, in a couple of weeks I am on my way to The Big Apple, compliments of Bryant Park. The aforementioned woman – quite a creative powerhouse in her own right! – is lodging me and pointing me in the direction of as much music, food, art, film, and theatre as I can gobble up.  I have taken two road trips (over a thousand miles so far, and not done yet) to work with a graphic designer who has helped me create some tasty poetic products to sell.

Bear in mind, that narrow image at the top of this site is my neighborhood and the sustenance that keeps me “earthed,” as my Kiwi friend reminds me. The potential for multidimensional culture shock is, shall we say, considerable – yet so is the potential for leaps into the great unknown. Wish me luck and come see me if Midtown Manhattan is anywhere close to your neighborhood.

I continue to be touched and enlivened by those of you who visit, read, and embrace the words that I share with you. And to the Be Whole Now regular who recently took it upon herself to anoint me The Poet Laureate of the Universe, thanks for the galactic vote of confidence. My heart is large enough for every one of you to travel with me!

PS: I hope to get my published books back up soon in case you want to click over to amazon or and make a purchase. Also, I’m not sure I’m happy with how the links present themselves in the text. For instance, “Reading Room” is linked above, but can anyone actually tell?

12 thoughts

  1. omgsh…I was just in NY…after almost a decade of not going back to visit my family. Culture shock?!?!?! For you?!?!? I don’t think so. Something tells me your were a NY’er in soooooome lifetime. Anyway the depth of exquisite layer you’re for sure to reveal will, for sure, make even the most hardy NY’er weak in the knees and teary eyed.
    Perhaps you are still there…Thank You Dear GuideFriend♥


  2. already you know the energy connection of newly found sacred writing, wise words furthering a connection with the universe. a spiritual shift occurs when this happens.

    thank you for sharing, i found you through akasa @ smooth stones blog.

    wishing the manhattan trip to be a summer spirit smash hit.


    1. lolasanrose,
      Love that Akasa Connection. Thank you for your understanding of the deeper aspects of my words, which I know carry the potential to activate shifts in readers who are open. Yes! To a “summer spirit smash hit.” May this Full moon bring all of our greatest desires to fulfillment.


  3. Wow, what a sweet show of support. Certainly does my heart good.

    Jeff, thanks. I hope to give a plug for the gorgeous videos you created around two of my pieces.

    Akasa, I know you will be with me in Spirit, as always. I can feel your love radiating through the screen!

    Hey J, grateful for your unending support. Quite a ways from the “Guest Shack,” eh?

    Julie, Love that vision of yours! “Deeply satisfying” suits me well. And I agree, the roots of the Reading Room are wonderful and touched me when I first read about them.

    mamasheri, Julie IS a tough act fo follow, isn’t she? Don’t fret: your words are absolutely gorgeous and music to my ears. “The most special of specials…” Aaahhhhhh.

    Carlos, I’ve been thinking about you the last several months. Everything OK? Drop me an email if you feel inspired.

    timethief, so kind of you to chime in, my north-of-the-border friend. Wondering if this theme is any better on the eyes; I can’t seem to get away from the darker/richer backgrounds… (:


  4. I can’t speak as pretty as the previous commenter, but I can say, Blessings to you on you journey and may Spirit guide you to the most special of specials to spark your inner fire. :-)


  5. Oh dear friend…sing your wordsongs to the beautifully-barked London Planes and you’ll feel the love circle back to you. I have no doubt your attentive audience will be a mix of birds and bark and perked human ears, awaiting your gifts. That dear space known as the Reading Room has such a precious history, gifting at it’s finest. I can’t think of a better venue in which to cast your pearls and marvel at their luminescence with kindred spirits, human and other. I am envisioning a deeply satisfying experience for you and await the precious details here…xoxo


  6. Oh MY GODSTARS!!!!! This is so exciting!!!
    And…what an opening door to walk through.
    I’m over the top happy for you Rachel. And as
    for culture shock, I have a feeling you will feel
    guideposts, signposts, all along the way, *giggle.*
    I affirm the Poet Laureate of the Universe!
    As for the Reading Room, it is easy to tell. :)

    Godspeed on your journey, I hold you deep
    within as you go, and will await what beauty I
    know will pour forth as a result of the ‘open door.’

    Your journey has just begun!
    In Lak’ech…


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