trust me, i know

Back from New York City (and Santa Fe as well),
I am awash with new creative ideas,
new possibilities, and a relentless tug to reorder my priorities
and refashion my very existence yet again. *sighs, rolls eyes*
An invitation for you to participate more fully than ever before
is simmering – but in the meantime, this piece
muscled its way to the front of the line.

“Red Canna” by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1923

i know that you are feeling unglued
that nothing (nothing!) fits anymore
and the thought of letting go of every single thing you hold dear
is so terrifyingly thrilling that you want to ascend heavenward
and curl into a tightened ball in the exact same moment ~
the grand and the lofty bench alongside the crumbs of the mundane
yet if you were to seek out a different perch altogether, what would it be?

i know
trust me
i know

I know how many tears you have shed
how much of the world’s misery you have carried in your veins
how often you felt you were the only one brandishing light in the darkness,
until you met up with another like you and nearly leapt out of your skin
with a primal urgency to meld in the worst and best possible ways
and in your headlong rush to satiate your antediluvian need to connect
someone nearly always was gobbled up whole –

i know
trust me
i know

i know that you are weary to a core you cannot fully plumb
how searing the ache emanating from your heart
how unremitting the mind’s lust for oppression
i know how many prayers you have uttered
how alone and forsaken you have felt when you heard no answer
how utterly abandoned you have seen yourself
on this revolving-door sphere in the sky
as it takes you back to the beginning every morning
insistent that you get up and do it all over again

you hunger for love and joy
and a swim in life’s stream of deliciousness
i know
you lay your tender innards on the table time and again
i know
you see so many around you mired in suffering,
your instinct to serve goes full throttle yet you know it is not your job to rescue ~
you see others surrounded by a comfort to which you feel access is denied
your desires blush to the surface
yet you will no longer be swatted by illusion’s hand
you feel a quickening you cannot contain
the raising of a curtain that has separated you from (what was it again?)

peer deeply beneath your own skin!
you are a golden pear swaddled too tightly to breathe
confined within your brown and mottled peel drips a ripened delectability
that defies challenge ~
within your singular rhythm, syncopated and offbeat, resides a holy chorus
a melody the world now pines to hear
the masterpiece incomplete tantalizes nonetheless

i know
trust me
i know

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