let’s spread faith, joy, forgiveness & compassion to a fractured world — one poem at a time

And now, the story continues…

In the post that appears just prior to this one,
I began to share a tale of divine synchronicity.

After Laura D contacted me to share her experience
at the Labyrinth at New York City’s Battery Park,
I responded with my own experience during the same time period.

It was time for my creative work to take flight and I had asked for guidance.
The blockages and limitations of the past — be they real or imagined
no longer existed. New seeds had been planted in soil
whose rocks had been slowly removed through years
of spiritual heavy lifting.
I felt the quickening accelerate; the urges intensify.

What I did not yet know was how to move my Work
out into the larger world.
I raised, then released, the question while I
went about the steps of daily living.
Of course, my answer presented itself
within the essence of Laura’s messages.

I want my words to be placed in locations where they can be found
by the very people who need the inspiration, joy, comfort,
faith, and connection they offer…

…and I want to step out of the way and let Creation handle the details.

That’s where you come in.

Are you ready to participate in a mystical adventure
with no attachment to outcome and open to
whatever may or may not unfold?

Can you acknowledge that you are part of a divine and glorious whole,
moving in synch with forces far greater than yourself?

Would you like to be one of the first 33 people to help me spread the
heart-opening energy contained in my poetic word art?

The next post outlines the what, the how, the where and the who.
In the meantime, please ponder this invitation.

It won’t be nearly as much fun without you!

13 thoughts

  1. Hi Rachel,
    What a fabulous thing you have done. And YES i want to be part of it! I live in a small town in Ontario Canada. A very pretty town with a beautiful river “The Grand” running right through the downtown. There are many trails, and stopping spots along the river that might be perfect. I will wait and see what divine guidance i am given however, should i be one of the 33!


    1. Susan,
      As you now know, your poetry package went in the mail on August 15. Let us know when it arrives, and continue to share your thoughts and your experience with us. Welcome to The 33!


    1. Rose Mary,
      I have responded to you by email with some thoughts and will wait to hear back from you. I truly hope we can find a way to get poetry to Peru.


  2. Ben,
    Congratulations on compiling your own heartful works! Let me know whatever you decide. Your input is always beautiful.

    I could scarcely imagine doing this without YOU. Details are now up.

    No need to relocate – unless perhaps you’re currently living in a distant galaxy. In which case…”Welcome! What took you so long?”

    The honour is mine to have your lovely energy commingled with my poetry. Details are now up.

    Details are now up. Hope you’ll be part of this Band of EarthAngels!

    Consider the invitation now in hand! The world needs your words and my words and every word that is real and true.

    It thrills me to think that you may release the words in Ireland. What a terrific envoy you will be! Details now up; hope we have time to snail-mail across the planet to you…


  3. I have been awaiting such an invitation…. my words are ready to be released and shared……your words always inspire me!!!


  4. A wonderful offer Rachel, I may even take you up on it. I am a bit overworked right now as I have been working on a book of poetry of my own for the same purpose. I will ponder the invitation though and with much love. Thank you my dear lady.


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