it’s time for the words to fly: let’s join together to create this grand adventure

The words are ready to fly!

“A flock of birds demonstrate how individuals can interact together and form emergent patterns of behavior.”

Note: All posts related to the Global Poetry-Share have been collected in the Archives under the category Words Divinely Wrought. You’ll find that button at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar on the Home Page. Remember that the newest posts will always be at the top, so scroll down to hear the story from the beginning.

If you would like to be one of the initial 33 people to help spread my “Words Divinely Wrought” across the globe, here are 7 steps to start you on your way. Think of this first stage as an alpha test that may set in motion waves of people connecting hearts and spirits one word, one line, one poem at a time.

1. Clarify your intention. Does the thought of participating send shivers up your spine or a smile to your face? Have you stumbled upon this message in some roundabout way — or in response to your prayers? Let your heart be your guide. If you’re undecided, perhaps you will want to step back and join in at a later time.

2. Give voice to your desire. You may signal your willingness or ask questions via Comment, and then email me privately through my Contact link in the left-hand sidebar. There is information I will want to gather from you, including your state/country of residence, your snail mail address, and a few words about what has drawn you to this initiative. Clearly stated wishes for greater privacy will be honored. If you have already said Yes!, I have penciled in your name. Please follow up to confirm one way or the other.

3. Receive. Once we have connected privately, I will snail-mail to you (as promptly as I can) two pieces of poetry, printed on heavy card stock and protected by clear sleeves. One is for you to release into the world as you are inspired; the other is my gift to you for sharing your light with the rest of us. Please allow me to select the two pieces from the collection of 12 poems. If you want to “order” specific poems for yourself, family or friends, that is another conversation.

4. Make a donation, as you are able. Your financial support helps to defray the costs of design, printing, sleeves, envelopes, postage and handling — not to mention the joy and sustenance it brings to the poet! A donation button now lives in the left sidebar on the Home page. A Paypal account is not required; you may use your bank account, credit or debit card. You are also welcome to snail-mail a donation. If you cannot donate at this time, please do not let that stop you from participating. I trust that we will all be abundantly supported in this Work together.

5. Release without attachment! Follow your intuition to the location where you will leave your poem. It may be a beautiful site where people gather, a memorial, a park, a church or temple — or a more mundane spot that will become sacred through your one small act. Be open, be mindful, and remain in integrity. Each piece includes my URL, through which a Finder can make contact, as well as a brief note explaining our project. Please do not include any additional information about yourself. Forces larger than us will take it from here…

6. Share your story. Once you have released your offering, please share your experience with the rest of us through Comments, email to me, or (even better) in a note written in your own hand and sent via snail mail.  If you can, take a photo/s and I’ll share it/them on the blog. I will collect your notes, pictures, anecdotes, thoughts, and revelations, and already envision a book chronicling the journeys of all involved. For now, this blog will be the central spot for sharing and updates.

7. Stay connected. Your feedback on this process will be invaluable as this seed sprouts and blossoms. Your story will enrich the larger story. Your questions will benefit us all as we navigate this territory. Please know that I remain in reverence to The Divine, as well as to classic forms including snail mail, handwriting, and true human interaction. I anticipate some necessary tweaking once we begin in earnest. And now, it appears that we are about to do just that…

PS: How this concept came to be was first shared on this site right here and then over here.

10 thoughts

  1. I am ready too rachel, if the snail mail reaches me in time the poem will travel overseas on the blue moon at the end of august, and who knows where it will be called to …. so thrilling! christine


  2. Jane, your package is assembled and will be snail-mailed Monday. Now take that British tongue out of your cheek… (:

    Vannetta, I have emailed you directly with your next steps. Glad to have you aboard!


  3. I am looking forward to helping with this divinely inspired project. My only question is, do you have a timeframe in mind for distribution of all of the poems?


    1. Hi, Doug! It will be wonderful to have you as part of this! I saw your post on the chapbook of Traci’s works and the fundraising aspect for SUDEP Aware. Gorgeous all-around.

      It’s a safe bet that Divine timing will trump anything I might come up with. I will send out poems as quickly as possible — and only ask that folks keep the momentum going as they are able. Nothing worse than letting sacred poetry sit in a pile of Things To Do while the energy gets stale — except perhaps forcing something before its time. (:

      So, email me through the Contact link and I’ll gather up the particulars I need from you.


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