touching and helping people we have never met

Today, more inspiration  from the gently expanding “Words Divinely Wrought” community of poetry-sharers. I continue to be bowled over by the hearts who have found their way here, and assure you that every word, every comment, touches me deeply. I have been somewhat solitary for a long time, and, like others here, this undertaking (funny that word is usually associated with death) is connecting me with people who instantly feel like family. And for that, I am grateful. If this circle speaks to you, please respond. Not just for yourself, but for all of us who long to know you better.

A poetry packet went out today to SS of Ontario, Canada, whose first contact expressed these sentiments:

“I do enjoy getting your emails when you post, although sometimes I have to wait a couple of weeks and read them all at once, depending on the workload at the time. So this morning I was catching up, and (the post about) the woman who was there on the anniversary of her Mother’s death brought me to tears. They were tears of understanding and belonging – to the universe as a whole. It is beautiful to know that we can touch and help people we have never met!”

SS works for a company set to lay off as many as 5,000 people. She may place her poetry by a beautiful river — or, she adds, “…There may be a place to leave the poems here at work to help someone through this difficult time. I’ll have to let my guides be my inspiration…I am in awe of the beauty of this work.”

Yesterday, a package went out to AQ of Queensland, Australia, who says:

“I would love to be part of the 33. I first came across your poetry nearly two yrs ago and so look forward to receiving your new poems…(Your writing) goes straight to my soul…igniting in me a passion to be fully alive… My favourite is “The World Needs You Now.” I must have passed that on to hundreds of people and it is on the wall in my office to constantly remind me to keep sharing and shining my light. I live near the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. I travel within Australia a lot and would love to leave poetry everywhere I go. I too also write poetry. I haven’t shared much with the world just yet and that is changing as we speak. Thank you for having the courage to share your love, your vulnerability, your realness and your gifts with us…what a wonderful way to create and generate change on the Planet.”

And last but not least, JP of Wallingford in the UK reports that her package arrived “…safe and sound! They are beautiful…even the stamps you put on the envelope are beautiful! Especially the dolphin, although at first I thought it was a whale, but then I realised it was stuck on upside down! In my defence I wasn’t wearing my glasses… :-)…As I previously mentioned, Lincoln was next on our list, but not sure when that will be as M has gone AWOL and D is having teenage kid problems. However, as I wrote that last sentence I heard “Dorchester Abbey” which is more of a church than an abbey but it is a local tourist attraction and parts of it date back to the 12th century. More importantly it’s just down the road and has a mean tea room serving homemade cakes…”

Oops! JP also said I mis-identified RB as one of the “British spiritual version of the Ghostbusters.” Turns out that RB is not part of that particular trio, though she is rather amazing in her own right and may join The 33 from yet another continent.

2 thoughts

  1. JM (of Oregon, not to be confused with our JM of southern California or our JM of central California),

    Well, then, a new puppy always trumps just about everything, doesn’t it? Your words refresh me like a fast-running stream tickling its way through those green grassy hills, JM. We will all wait as patiently as we can for reports “from the field.”


  2. My beautiful packet arrived a few days ago here in Oregon, sitting patiently and waiting to be opened and admired, as a new puppy has taken center stage at our house. I am impressed to say that that envelope is full to the brim with the most amazing expansive energy! I suspect that perhaps the poetry will carry ME to new and unexpected places, instead of me ferrying it. Oh, the constantly playful Universe let me keep my illusion only for a brief moment, until it announced it’s intention within that finely-disguised white envelope full of promise and potential. All my love and gratitude to Poet Laureate of the Universe for steering the direction of this Divinely Wrought project into the hands of those that need and want to dance in the Field of All Possibility, teasing out the nuances that always accompany her offerings. Much love and excitement from my green grassy homeland!


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