this is what divine collaboration looks like

Some of the initial participants in the global poetry-share have begun to send in photos so the rest of us can see what’s going on. JM of California took a photo of the two poems she received in her packet (which, by the way, also includes one of my square, teal “calling” cards and a note from yours truly).

She writes: Hi Dear Rachel….I picked my packet of poems up yesterday on my way to an artist gathering… I opened the envelop right away… just wanted a peek at what you sent.  Prayer for Inclusion caught my eye and tugged at my heart right away. I am always seeking tribe members and trying to draw others into the Circle and find my fit as well…Then I saw the second title, You Are the Prayer…oh my…I read a few lines of both and went on about my day…Savoring that they were waiting for me and a quiet time to read them.  Your words, your words….thank you!! I haven’t decided where to place one or which one to keep…or if I want to place them both. I’ll keep you in the loop. Holding hands on this adventure…JM

Visit JM’s beautiful blog here and learn about her fiber art, notably her Spirit Figures that embody the Divine Feminine. Many thanks, JM, for helping spread the word about my Work and our emerging project.

And on a continent across The Big Pond (from the US, that is), RB and JP are gearing up for travel in and around the United Kingdom, where the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics just ushered in what many of us know is a new age of compassion, unity, freedom, and joy busting out all over the planet. These are the two who identified themselves in an earlier post as “the British spiritual version of the Ghostbusters.” I have no doubt…

To anyone who’s going to place poetry in inspired locations, do send photos of you or your poems (as they wait patiently in their appointed spots). If it’s convenient, go back after a day or two and see if your gift has been moved or disappeared altogether. Weeks ago, I left a poem in a sweet Memorial Rose Garden in New Mexico and then revisited a couple of hours later. My companion noted that the placement was now a bit askew — so we knew someone had picked up the poem, read it, and re-placed it. Have not heard from anyone regarding that piece or the other three we released in the same city. Yes, indeed, yet another opportunity to deepen our understanding and acceptance of non-attachment to outcome.

In our first report of interference (Alas!), my local Postmistress reported that a packet sent August 6 to CW in New South Wales, Australia, was returned for (alleged) insufficient postage. Said Postmistress re-calculated everything and confirmed it with another nearby Postmistress: Both agreed the postage was correct. Said package was sent out again. Perhaps the energies have shifted so that this package can now wing its way to CW before her Blue Moon journey to Europe at the end of the month.

The latest package was mailed today to AQ in Queensland, Australia, and I’ll introduce you to that participant in the next update. If you have questions about your own possible participation, leave a Comment or Contact me privately through the link on the left-hand sidebar.

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  1. All of these Comments are so heartfelt and wonderful to receive! I know that others are enjoying following along, too.

    Your support and good wishes are so appreciated! JM is truly blessed to have friends like you. Please feel welcome to join our venture if you feel so inspired.

    Christine, looks like we are both awaiting deliveries. I can hardly wait to receive your banyan essence. May all of these Divine packages find their way safely to their not-so-final destinations.

    I love your updates. Don’t think about it too hard; all will unfold perfectly. And remember, one of the poems is for placement and the second is a gift to you. Of course, you can choose to place that one, too. Don’t feel shy about making copies for your friends, either. I am thrilled that you are sharing with so many hearts!

    Excellent! I had a feeling that JM was part of your beautiful circle and am so glad to have her energy here. No “supposed to” with the photograph question. I do envision a book chronicling the journeys of these poetic angel beings, and that’s why I am asking people to stay in touch with their experiences, including photos if they are able. Won’t it be wonderful if some new friendships are formed between those who place the poems and those who find them? Non-attachment, non-attachment, non-attachment (including, I suppose, not being attached to the idea of not being attached!) Perhaps we will need a documentary film to go along with the book… *smile and a wink*


  2. Dearest Sister…
    I received my packet intact and am now waiting for the supreme moment to strategically place in my Library. I may just even hang around for a bit to see if anyone picks it up. I’ll see what is going on at the moment.
    Secondly…I don’t have a digital camera? :( Am pondering how I might come up with taking photo’s and getting them to you. I’ll keep you posted on that one…I didn’t realize we were supposed to do that, too?
    Isn’t JM sooo beautiful? I’ve known her for a while now, and her spirit is compassion, kindness, giving, loving and so many more wonderful adjectives. I love what she is all about!!!
    Anyhow…good to see what is happening with your Global Poetry Collaboration.
    In Radiant Blessing,


  3. I am still meditating on where to place the poems…. of course parting with them is somewhat difficult ,but I know I must set them free so others can share…. I have already shared them with some friends and they have now joined me in finding the perfect spot to release them but of course they want copies first….. I am observing my friends as they read them and you can sense a shift and a delight although I have also seen some tears…..We are having a a large meditation gathering in October and I am thinking of keeping one for that … just place in a flyer or on the lunch table…. all is well…. take care and enjoy your adventure I know I am enjoying mone….. BT


  4. aha! my package is winging it’s way again, this time without interference i hope … this journey is a wonder…how i love to read all the feedback rachel … so looking forward to receiving your blessed words … banyan essence posted today :)


  5. I am a friend of JM of the awesome ‘Spirit Figures’ (3 of which grace my house and heart) and can attest to how excited she was and is to be a part of this amazing ‘experiment’! I love the idea of leaving poetry from our heart in public places, allowing it to find other hearts and minds and perhaps initiating change, whether in only one heart, or on a global scale. Miracles are a continual occurrance and we are each participants in those miracles. I send my love and supportive energy to this amazing and wonderful project! I’m incredibly excited to hear what happens…….. Blessings to all who participate, and through them, to all the world!!!


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