allowing ourselves to be carried to new and unexpected places

In Wahrheit ist es Liebe (In Truth there is Love), Elvira Amrhein

When JM of Oregon commented here that she had received her Words Divinely Wrought packet, she waxed poetic (ahem) about the white envelope, the contents therein, and her excitement as she and the poems wait for just the right moment to head out into the world.

These two sentences from JM truly struck to the heart of the matter:

“I am impressed to say that that envelope is full to the brim with the most amazing expansive energy! I suspect that perhaps the poetry will carry ME to new and unexpected places, instead of me ferrying it.”

This thread of “Ask not what you can do for these poems; ask what these poems can do for you!” is showing up more and more.

SR of Amsterdam (whose packet has now begun its journey to The Netherlands) wrote, “…I would like to join your Words Divinely Wrought initiative. Your mission is splendid! It is in line with who I am and what I wish to accomplish now, more than ever. “

VP of New Mexico, brokenhearted over the loss of five dear ones in recent weeks, noted, “…Have barely been able to breathe. All the more reason I need to do this.”

And, of course, many of us were touched when BH of Vancouver shared that participating in The 33 was helping her to acknowledge and embrace that she is, indeed, an important part of something much larger than herself: “…through your blog posts, I think I have found a starting light. A place I can allow myself to be slightly vulnerable and yet at peace with it…

For myself, I am energized and exhilarated at what is unfolding. A recent email informed me that a participant from the UK has plans to visit my region of the US — opening the door to a possible meeting. A women’s center in New England is considering inviting its clientele to join in – and if they do, I will be thrilled to help spread the word of their generous, heart-centered mission.

I am hearing from people who say they have been reading my poetry for one, two, or more years, lighting a fire under my long-held spark of spending part of each year as a traveling bard. And of course, the vision of creating a book that weaves together all of our experiences in this undertaking continues to come into focus. If all of that were not enough, I feel as though I am gathering a new circle of friends who — imagine this! — share my devotion to actively living out an inspired life.

As is expected, there is some shuffling going on. There now remain 10 spots among the 33 available for people who feel inspired to participate in the first wave of this Divine adventure. One European trio has signed up for two spots; arrangements are in place for three others to translate the poetry they receive into Russian, Italian, and Spanish  — which, of course,  challenges me to soften up on the way I thought this HAD to happen. To date, only one man (Canadian) has joined our community of the traveling poems — and it will be interesting to see whether any others in male bodies will feel called to participate. Their unique brand of spirited beauty is so very welcome here!

Plain and simple, these 12 printed poems are already working magic on those who have agreed to place them at spots around the planet. It remains to be seen what will happen once they do…

You can review the ongoing story of this global poetry-sharing project by clicking on the “Words Divinely Wrought” category in my Archives at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.

4 thoughts

  1. JM,
    Oddly enough, I had searched the Bryant Park Blog for days and days after my appearance there, but nothing showed up — even though Anne had told me she was doing something. Then, out of nowhere, just the other day, I stumbled upon her review. Some strange time warp thing, I suppose. I do like that “doctrine of fearlessness” phrase, though I admit I could use your chalkboard from time to time, too. A picture will be great; hope you can get it!


  2. As Anne Lovering Rounds for Bryant Park Blog so eloquently described my friend: “(Rachel) practices a doctrine of fearlessness.” Just wanted to say hi from the hinterlands of puppydom! I am the one who needs ‘This is for Those of Us Who Weep” today as I contemplate messaging via bottle into the ocean next week! I will send a picture of the launch if that quirky Oregon coastal light cooperates. Sending my love and gratitude for your words which remind me that I am not crazy for feeling this deeply and attempting daily to practice your “doctrine of fearlessness.”

    On my chalkboard for the last week: “Be your wild, creative, courageous self every day. No matter what.”


  3. Rachel, Love you posts. Been on the road with little or not internet access, less time to respond or comment….Thanks for all that you post.


    1. So good to hear from you, Carlos. I did sense that you were away, and hope that your travels were fruitful or enjoyable or brought you some peace/contentment. I hope you had a chance to read the post about my experience at the Labyrinth in Manhattan and all that is has given rise to.


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