our first poetic offering has found its way out into the world!

Although we do not yet have 33 people signed up for our global poetry-share, I am removing the “sticky” post from the top of the page. It began to feel a bit stale, so that particular post has moved back down to its rightful (chronological) position.

Today’s update comes from JP in the UK, who you may recall, is part of a trio of energy workers traveling to various sites. Seems they spent a long day in Glastonbury and released the first poem at the Chalice Well Gardens, which, according to its web site, “is among the best known and most loved holy wells in Britain.” Note: If I was reading this out loud to you, this is where you would hear my voice crack and would notice my eyes filling with tears.

Above is a photo of this gorgeous sanctuary, with the poem, she believes herself, propped up underneath the green sign in the shelter. she believes herself is one of my shorter poems and is a bit different than others in the group of 12. Here’s the poem as it appeared on this blog back in September 2010, with a slightly longer title and different spacing than occurs on the Words Divinely Wrought version.

Perhaps these words about believing you are alone and separate, oft forgetting that the company of Heaven yearns to connect with you at least as much as you yearn for greater spiritual connection — are absolutely perfect to set our small yet potent global effort into motion.

And in this close-up, you may be able to read the message on the green sign, which invites visitors to observe a moment of silent reflection upon hearing the ringing of a bell. So there sits this poem, which traveled with me from my remote, rural, drought-stricken town in the American Southwest to New York City and back again — and later flew across the Atlantic, where it was lovingly placed in this beautiful, lush, and holy environment. What may transpire next is part of the divine mystery…

JP’s gang of three has plans to visit a second site in a couple of days and leave an additional poem. I’m sure we’ll receive an update then, as well.

Meanwhile, over here in North America, SS has received her packet in Ontario, Canada, and writes: My package has arrived!! I was so excited when i went to the mailbox tonight, and saw the large envelope, i rushed home and dropped everything else to open “the package”.

I read the 2 poems included and had a beautiful few moments, just reading and soaking in the beauty of the words. I love Unremitting faith for the fearless– i think it has become my new favorite! Now to be inspired about where to leave them. I’ll ask for guidance in my dreams tonight…Love, light, laughter and rainbows, SS.

And, in case you missed it in the Comments stream, JM of Oregon is contemplating placing a poem into a bottle and dropping it into the ocean next week.

Meanwhile, in Lima, Peru, RB has translated one of the poems into Spanish and is awaiting final blessing from a bilingual master. The act of translation — of bringing forth the essence and intent of long, vocabulary-dense poetry such as mine — seems to be a sacred act in itself, and I stand in wonderment of those who have the gift for doing such a thing!

If you have received your poetry packet, please let us know. If you’re bumping into resistance about placing your poem somewhere, or are having a challenge following through on your intention, let us know that, too. Remember, we’re all leaping into new levels of trust, patience, non-attachment, and exhilaration with this adventure, so glitches are bound to present themselves.

Perhaps you have an inkling that you would like to join in the fun, but are running into doubts or negative thinking. (Oh, I’m not that spiritual, I don’t know any fabulous place to put the poem, I’ll probably screw it up, etc…) Let those thoughts go and trust that small voice or feeling that is calling you to step across the boundaries of your comfort. Reach out across the miles and connect up with a few handfuls of people who feel that carrying joy, upliftment, and deep wisdom to the planet is a good and true action. Trust me: I had to do some spiritual heavy lifting to step out with this initiative, so I understand where your process may be taking you.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, please consider making a donation to help cover the costs of design, printing, shipping, and handling. You can use the button in the right-hand sidebar, or you can Contact me (left-hand sidebar) for my snail mail address. No amount is too small as together we shift the energy of shared prosperity.

If you’ve just stepped into the middle of this movie, learn more about the Words Divinely Wrought global poetry-share project via my Archives by Category link at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. You can follow the unfolding story by starting at the oldest (bottom) post and traveling upward.

5 thoughts

  1. Julie,
    The image of you and your sisters sharing my words in your circle brings up such deep emotion for me! I am so very grateful for the tenderness you are showing my Work — and look forward to the day (or night) that I may sit in circle with you, too. Blessings to you from the grasslands of Colorado! (((())))


    Today I received the Banyan essence and immediately drank the entire bottle. (Kidding, of course, but I wasted no time in anointing my mouth with several drops.) Thank you for this beautiful gift and the intention for community support that it carries. Now, if only your poetry package finds its way into your hands with equal grace and timeliness… (((())))


  2. i love hearing about what is happening already rachel, while my poetry packet makes its way via detours to australia, we have one week before departure but i have a feeling i will be carrying those precious words in ireland’s magical south-west, an area rich with stone circles, dolmen, and holy wells …. where perhaps someone is waiting for a sign from the divine :)


  3. Hello, hello…
    I love the stories that are being shared here….oh the power of words and good intent….an awesome thing.
    It has been triple digit weather here and I haven’t ventured out much during the 16 day run of just plain too HOT. But I know where I am going to ”release” one of the poems…not sure which yet, but I think ”you are the prayer”…I most likely will do so this week. But even though I haven’t set one free yet, I have been sharing.
    About 6 months ago my little band of spiritual sisters and I decided to stop our bi-monthly gatherings because we were having trouble coming together on a regular basis, but on Friday we met for a catch up gathering. We didn’t do our normal rituals but I did read Include Me at the beginning or our informal time together and another of us read You Are the Prayer at the end. So your words are whirling and swirling here in the foothills and I will be tucking one soon and I’ll send along a photo or two…
    Many blessings


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