from peru and italy (via the netherlands), poetry of the heart transcends language

Words Divinely Wrought is becoming truly global.

A Bangladeshi decorates the Shaheed Minar, or martyrs mausoleum, on International Mother Language Day 2012. Pavel Rhaman/Associated Press.

At the core of our Words Divinely Wrought Global Poetry-Share is the desire to bring inspired words to those who yearn to hear them. Naturally, that means going beyond English — the language in which the poems were written.

In a recent Comment, RB in Peru reports that she has translated poems into Spanish and they are now in a final proofreading phase. When ready, they will be “released” in Lima.

And here is the latest email from SR, an Italian currently living in The Netherlands. As fate would have it, SR offers professional voice-over and translation services, and she welcomed the opportunity to translate my work into Italian and also create a vocal recording.

In the last few days I was waiting with anticipation the arrival of your poems and yesterday I could finally open your envelope in the golden afternoon light…
In one of your previous blog posts I could read the poems you sent to Julie Mitchell and I was very pleased to find out that you decided to send me the same ones! Your logo is perfectly in harmony with your poems: a special seal of authenticity.
I felt the urge to translate them immediately into my mother tongue. The magic happened when I slowly realized that what I was translating was softly aligned with what I am experiencing in my private life at the moment and I could not believe my eyes, who filled with tears. It was such an exquisite moment since I did not experience a real surprise when I read your poems titles at first but then the intimate meaning opened up to my heart like a rose bud…
The weather suddenly changed yesterday here in Amsterdam, I shall wait therefore for the sunshine to come back before I choose where to release your poem in the city. I shall take a picture for sure and let you know.”

Simonetta (no need for anonymity since we are linking to her website here and also above) also asked if she could create a post about our project on her website — and of course, the answer is Yes! Si! Owo! Da! Ya! Yenh! Dhoo! (from this website, which translates Yes into more than 550 languages).

By the way, Simonetta’s package included the poems Prayer for Inclusion and You Are The Prayer. We’ll share the Italian versions when they are finalized. Fantastico!

Coming Soon: the second Poetry “Drop” in the UK…

One thought

  1. how marvellous ….. we will be in Amsterdam next weekend, we might even pass Simonetta in the little streets around the canals! i am strangely touched by the poems arriving ahead of us there, and look forward so much to the arrival of my package for its long journey across the world again with me :) Christine in Australia


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