poetry now placed in the united states and canada

The Poetry has landed in two more locations!

A bit ago, SS of Ontario shared with me the guidance
that came to her while she slept:
“…in my dreams last night I saw myself place one of the poems
on a chair in the sunshine at an old age home. I hadn’t even
thought of that
possibility before…”

And today, I received this current report, along with the picture below.

“I went for a run early yesterday morning with ‘This Fragile Web’ in hand.
When I ran past the Home for the Aged that is fairly close to my house,
there were people sitting in the chairs I had originally thought would be good,
so I went around the side and there was another little patio with no one about.
I left the poem propped on one of the chairs.”

Further south, in the state of Virginia, DS has placed the poem,
“You Are The Prayer” on a college campus.

“We left your poem at the end of this lovely bridge at a walking path
on William and Mary’s campus. (My husband) and I find peace at that bridge.
We feel we are in the middle of nowhere in a different time.
This place seemed perfect for the poem.”

Keep the cards and letters coming:
It is a joy to share everyone’s experiences.

One thought

  1. Can’t wait. Latin America is a slow coach situation :) The translations are being checked then sent to you. I think I can do it next week if all clicks into place. God’s speed to all.


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