in amsterdam’s vondelpark, a poetic prayer stars in a video, climbs a tree and takes a swim

The Words Divinely Wrought adventure continues in Amsterdam, where Simonetta went above and beyond — planting You Are The Prayer in the crook of a voluptuous willow tree, returning later to find the poem drifting in a nearby pond, and finally earthing it at the base of the tree.

“I ventured in Vondelpark the other day as soon as the sun decided to come back and offer us the illusion of yet another summer day,” writes Simonetta. “…I decided to leave (the poem) above the ground and between two of the huge branches of the luscious tree. The poem looked so fragile, it was difficult to part from it. Yet it exuded integrity and dignity. I knew it would take good care of itself. The willow crown would do the rest.

“With some apprehension I also looked at the pond and the ducks merrily swimming around. How safe was that place after all? Was I being terribly careless with Rachel’s important assignment? Nope. It was the right place: right in the green beating heart of Amsterdam, surrounded by playing children, barking dogs, young lovers kissing on checkered blankets and young mothers too blissfully inexperienced to worry about their babies’ silent requests…

“…My daughter Camilla suddenly decided to have a stroll in the park that evening and I was more than happy to accept her invitation. I would double check my special parcel and have a second chance to take care of it. Ohhh, it was gone! Somebody had taken it! Already? Good. Nope, it was drifting on the pond, but not too far away from the shore; the jealous branches’ curtains cascading from the willow did not allow it. We had to act quickly: with a fallen branch Camilla and I rescued You are the Prayer…

“…This time I had to follow a more pragmatic approach: I left it at the feet of the willow’s trunk and, even if its new placement looked kind of too obvious for words, it seemed appropriate anyway. Come and get me if you dare!”

Simonetta wraps up her story with this poignant query: Will you ever contact Rachel, courageous passerby?

You can read her complete experience and also view a short video (:53)  — which, unfortunately does not show the dramatic water rescue (!) — at Simonetta’s blog. That site also contains both written and voiced Italian translations of Prayer for Inclusion and You Are The Prayer.

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