“you just don’t know the stories these poems will tell…”

Here’s our latest update, from Julie Mitchell in central California, USA.

“Well, I parted with the first poem… yes, I’ve decided to tuck them both.  I’m not sure why I chose the cemetery and its little church. It just felt right to place You are the Prayer there.  

“It was a beautiful day today.  I parked in front of the church and went in. I sat there for a few minutes thinking about what it might mean to someone finding it here.  Since it is about living life and rebirth, I felt it was appropriate. I left the poem on a pew and went outside, then went back in to take it with me as I walked around reading some of the headstones. I spotted a bench and went there to sit a bit, feeling the peacefulness and quiet of the place.  Surprisingly quiet, even though it is in the center of the nearest ”big’ town on Hwy 41 that leads to Yosemite (National Park).  I thought about placing it there on the bench under the trees, but it was windy today and I had nothing to put on top of the poem to keep it in place and there was nothing for me to find…the grounds are so well tended.

“I walked back to the church and stood in the doorway and decided to put the poem down on the carpet near the podium. It looked a little forlorn when I was going to leave. We have spent some time together and I felt I was leaving a friend. So I went to my jeep and pinched off a few flowers from the plants I am going to plant in front of my studio this week, and placed them over the poem so it looked more ready for the occasion. I hope whoever finds it will take the message and maybe leave it there for the next person who might feel the words.

“My time with The Poem today was actually my first moment of real peace during this day — and right at this moment I long to drive over the hill and see if it is still waiting there.  I don’t know who comes to close the doors at night. I thought about all the things that might happen to it wherever I tucked it, but had to stop that spinning, realizing it was attachment and expectation and with my imagination I could put the release off forever.  I really do trust that it will find its way to the right hands and hearts for a very long time.

“I actually sent a journal out into the world once with the question, What do your dreams look like?  I sent it to a friend and she sent it to a friend…I asked whoever held it a year from the date I sent it out, to return it to me.  It was four years later that it returned. The last woman who had it, transitioned before she could send it on…You just don’t know the stories these poems will tell — or how they may change someone’s story. Amazing!

If you have entered this story in the middle, take a few moments to learn more about our Global Poetry-Share. You’ll find a synopsis of the story (so far!) in the left-hand sidebar and related posts grouped under Words Divinely Wrought in the Search My Archives By Category link. The story begins with the first post at the bottom- and works its way up from there. If you feel called to participate or have questions, you can leave a Comment or Contact me by email via the left-hand sidebar.

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