at notre dame cathedral in paris, a poem quietly sits and waits

“At last a poem has found a place in Paris!”

So writes Christine Whitelaw of New South Wales, Australia, who has now stamped Notre Dame Cathedral in her Words Divinely Wrought Poetry Passport. Once again, the featured poem is Prayer for Inclusion.

Christine writes, ” I walked with the usual crowd into the cathedral this afternoon, shuffling along …. until we reached my favourite part. …. a statue of Mary and Child that always has a wonderful vase of white flowers at the base. Just there are two short rows of chairs, where you can sit and light a candle if you wish. A new innovation is a table with two large guest books where people were queueing to write a message. So it is a busy little space on the right side aisle…

“I sat and said Hello to the goddess, feeling that deep abundant well of energy rising up around me, so sweet and strong. After a while I put the poem on the seat beside me, and felt an excited flutter of angels swirling around, and clearly received the message that they were minding the poem until the recipient arrived. I stood up and moved towards the writing table, where I waited until I could leave my message of thanks, and I surreptitiously took a few photos in the direction of the chair. The poem was barely visible as a little bit of white, so I felt it was safe until someone came to sit and reflect beside it.”

with much love from Paris,
Christine xx

Voulez-vous translate this poem into French?  If you are feeling “Oui!,” email me via the Contact link. Merci!

3 thoughts

    1. Welcome to Be Whole Now, aboomersvoice. I haven’t yet been to Paris, though I hope to follow my poem there, perhaps in 2013. I am sure I, too, will love both the city and the cathedral.


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