poetry and roses for the knights templar

A rosebud from Debbie’s garden adorns an effigy of a Crusader Knight.

I can scarcely express what a thrill it is to receive and post updates from the stouthearted souls gently placing Words Divinely Wrought poetry in intriguing spots around the globe.

It is not overstatement to say that these moments often comprise the best part of my day. They allow me to deeply center myself in the palpable connectedness we all share beyond so-called barriers of time and space. I breathe in every picture and every word and I am born anew. And, sweet icing on the cake, I have begun to envision following my poetry to experience first-hand these beautiful souls and beautiful places that now feel so very familiar.

From Dorchester Abbey, here is a dispatch from Jane and Debbie of the UK:

“Well, the next WDW drop has been waiting in the wings for a long time, but it finally happened. On this occasion a tad nearer to home than Northern Cyprus: Dorchester Abbey in Oxfordshire, just 10 minutes’ drive away and with a difference in temperature of some 30 degrees celsius!
The purpose of our visit was actually twofold: to place a poem in the Abbey, and to pay tribute to the Knights Templar.
I put A Prayer Is The Beat (it’s the one in the middle) on the rail in front of the altar in the Lady Chapel, whilst Debbie placed three rosebuds (from her garden) on each of the Crusader Knight effigies, which apparently date back to the 13th century. (See picture above.) Maggie, the third member of our spiritual Ghostbusters team, couldn’t be with us as she is ‘doing her stuff’ in New Mexico at the moment, but she was very much a part of this mission, having passed on the message to honour the Knights Templar in this way.

“We had intended to celebrate afterwards with a cup of tea and cake in the adjoining tea room, but it was closed. Luckily we found Lily’s, a delightful substitute, just down the road, where we did justice to a typical cream tea for two! When Maggie comes back next week we will regroup and finalise dates for Dublin, Lincoln and Cornwall, with Rosslyn Chapel already booked for 12.12.12. Of course your poems will go with me, although I only have three left…

“Really loving the stories as they come in…and enjoying Christine’s travel blog at the same time!

“PS: The unnamed gent (in this previous post)is my partner, Martin. Not sure about the reincarnation, but he is my knight in shining armour…sometimes! :-)”

One thought

  1. ooh, i love this one …. so thrilling to see these words going out into the world, placed in such beautiful and special places, each one a blessing … nice work jane!


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