but hey, who am I to tell you anything? (audio poetry 3:20)

You can walk up to a doorway, peer over the edge
and marvel at all that you see ~
You can juggle diamonds, hypnotized by their brilliance
and spout mere words: What will be, will be
You can steep yourself in everyone else’s story
and wonder, Great, but why not me?

But watching and reading and waiting and wondering
On their own will not set you free.

Meeting your shadows and greeting your demons
are steps in the right direction,
But you won’t truly change if you always run away
from the sight of your own reflection ~
Wringing your hands will never suffice
if you hold back from sounding your chimes

What will it take until you truly believe
That here and now, these are the times!

There is no magic bullet speeding your way
carrying answers tied up with gold thread
You won’t receive Divine dispensation
and three gentle knocks atop your aching head ~
With eyes glued to the calendar, stuck to the screen
How much do you miss all around you!

Heaven and earth have been placed at your feet
Let the simple and humble astound you.

Infinite permutations masquerade as truth
Dazzling with a fragile sense of perfection
Look away with tender gaze and see
the keys to your personal resurrection ~
A fish without gills will struggle and flop
Till it learns to breathe anew

So too will you crawl and bump into walls
Till you find what it means to be you.

This you can trust: your inner wisdom knows ~
If you’ve got a question, just ask it!
Face your avoidance with courage, be a seeker who finds,
Place your ungloved hand in life’s overflowing basket!
Cry out with your grief, with your unfolding pleasure
Your unparalleled dance is fueled by e-motion

Feel what you feel as you dare to unpeel ~
What flows from your heart is your most potent potion.

But hey, who am I? Just a wordsmith, a bard,
Like you, the anointed, the chosen, the One ~
If a single pearl in this string lights one step on your way

Then I am content
and connected
and done.

3 thoughts

  1. Rachel—-
    Thank-you sooo very much for this–it has hit all the right spots….I wish you
    continued blossoming on this path of life, and peace of mind,body and spirit while
    living it! Again, thanks….I needed this elixir today! Blessings from Atlanta. M.


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