connection, compassion, angels: three poetry videos to warm your heart

I’ve just added three videos featuring my poetry at the top of the left-hand sidebar. Click on “Videos Featuring Rachel’s Poetry” for an introduction and links to the creative folks who put my words to art and music.

Then, click the tiny triangle for the drop-down list of the three individual entries. All have appeared over the past couple of years, but now they’re right where you can easily find them any time you want. Full text, too.

Whether you’re descending into the seasonal darkness or stepping into summer, what better time to drink in a hefty dose of connection, compassion, and angelic comfort? Warm your heart, uplift your spirit. Popcorn optional.

It’s pretty wild out there, beloved friends. Remember: disheartenment and despair may knock at your door — but it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to open the door and let them in!

You are a precious child of All Creation, and beloved more than you can possibly know.

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