this is my prayer (audio poetry 2:48)

forgive me!
allow me the courage I need
to live out my truth in thought, word and deed
let me strip off the veils
fly unwrapped and unwound
eyes on the heavens
feet on the ground
every moment brings the unceasing All,
may I stop, look and listen
stumble yet not fall,
in the opulent mundane rests all
true and rare
may I awake to this earth walk
this is my prayer.

bring me dances in the moonlight
tears in the rain
overhead eagle, hawk, and crane
let their dipping
and soaring
invite me along
surrounding, embracing
in eversweet song,
may pain and suffering be returned
to its true destination
and in its stead the blossoming
of awakened realization
mice in my cupboard
dust in my hair
this is
this is my prayer.

i was given a heart with which to love
every spirited essence from below, above
may I never again rue my missing pieces
the creaks, the quirks
the wrinkles, the creases,
where I may be slow or prone to tarry
may someone else pick up the load that i carry
what I cannot do, surely someone else can!
let them offer
let me receive in barter fair
this and nothing else
this is my prayer.

discernment and trust
may I bask in their glory
without judgment or echoes
the same tired story
the sacred whirls and spins in my washing machine
may I emerge refreshed
newly born and clean
trembling with life as an early spring fawn
blinking at the radiance
the unseen dawn,
in every step
every breath
Creation is there
may I remember this always ~

this is my prayer.

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