love mystifies, love intensifies (audio inspiration 1:39, 1:53)

In 2010, I penned a slim volume entitled “Be Open To Love.” Perhaps it was audacious of me to suggest that “More than a feeling, more than an emotion, more than a few simple words, love is a state of being with the power to transform your life.” A publisher test-marketed the material, which garnered lukewarm results. I, on the other hand, continue to (dare I say?) love these brief odes to love, and share two of them here with you. Love Mystifies is first, followed by Love Intensifies.

Love Mystifies

No book of any size can
capture and define the true essence of love.
You can explore love, experience love,
embrace love, and embody love,
but your logical mind will never understand love.

You can feel when love is in the room,
but you can’t see it.

You can see love in the face of someone who loves,
yet you can never measure it.

You can repeatedly declare your unending love,
but do you actually comprehend what you’re talking about?

Don’t even try:
it’s a mystery.

Love never plays by the rules,
never follows a predictable system,
and consistently reveals itself in strange and unfamiliar ways.

Love is a muse that invites you to create and express.
Love is a trickster that encourages you to lighten up and enjoy.

More than anything,
love wants you to soften the edges of your heart,
let go of your old, tired thinking about love,
and wrap yourself in the arms of a buoyant and nourishing love.

Make sense?
It doesn’t have to.
It’s love!

Love Intensifies

A true change of heart is not necessarily
as breezy and simple as it sounds.

If you are sincere in your longing
to develop a new relationship with love,
things may appear to worsen before they improve.

If you have long barricaded your heart against love’s entry,
your reasons for doing so will demand
that you face them head on
and make peace.

If you have chosen to believe that love
always leads to eventual heartbreak,
you will continue to create experiences that

affirm and reaffirm your position.

You may need to make a grueling climb
or a treacherous descent
through uncharted inner landscapes.
Be mindful that the person with the greatest desire
to create a love-filled life is you—
the very same you who is most likely to
thwart efforts
to achieve the identical goal.

Whether you ultimately fly solo
enlist a trustworthy advisor to assist you,
plan to make a wholehearted commitment
to meet, embrace, and release
your inner love dragons and demons.

As intense as your journey may be,
hold fast:
when your rewards arrive,
they will far outweigh all that you have invested
in your odyssey toward love.

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