winds of change are upon us (classic with new audio poetry 3:00)

This poetry was first posted here in May 2010. For our current winds-of-change period, a new image and new audio. Hang on, let go, repeat!
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Wind_Serenitythe wind blows incessantly here
lifts up the edges of unrooted intention
carries off the vestiges of all that remains vague, ungrounded

if you have not battened down your hatches with outreaching action
prepare to be blown to smithereens

endlessly circling your personal vortex only brings you back
to conversation with yourself
where lies the delight and wonderment?
myopia is so very short-sighted
there are unimaginable worlds yet to see

trees wiser than any who walk among us wave wildly
to what lesser gods do you bow and bend?
the lilacs maintain their branched existence
long after their lavender nectar is sucked dry,
they await the unfolding of a new cycle
neither fear not regret diminishes one single blossom

a clean sweep divests all ambivalence:
make your choices now before the churchyard of your soul
is littered with the scraps of untethered musings
and the topsoil of your truth evaporates in a heat-soaked brew

change is a tireless lover
calling you back to release time and again
broken connections and the gnarled undergrowth of past calamity are the first to go
what purpose do they serve but to weigh one down with draining indecision?
hoist your sails and seek cover in a protective shoal,
clinging in desperation to the old is fraught with bluster
a wall of frenzied possibility is no match for the deeply planted

there is a new breeze come upon us
today’s weathering will shape your existence for the next million years
beyond the twister comes the sweet wafting zephyr
let the gusting and howling begin!


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