huzzah! the bard is now open for business

Beginning August 2014, I am integrating my “Words Divinely Wrought” poetic art with my decades of professional experience in journalism, marketing and advertising copywriting, books, cards, and free-lance wordsmithing of every shape, color, tone, hue, and purpose.

In other words, the bard is now open for business.

The shelves of my literary apothecary are filled with words champing at the bit (Yes, I mean “champing” — not “chomping”) to inspire, motivate, entertain, persuade, inform, enliven, educate, facilitate, articulate, and captivate.

I know many of these words intimately, have danced in the arms of more than a few of them, and would love to coax them into potent combination on behalf of you, your family, your organization or business.

Are you ready to tell the world about your emerging visions — but you keep going around in circles with old, tired words and phrases that have lost their innate power and effectiveness?

I can help you breathe life into languaging that will hit the sweet spot with your readers or listeners.

Want to gift yourself or someone else with one-of-a-kind, inspired prose, poetry, or prayer? Need a provocative, hard-hitting, uplifting, or lighthearted speech, presentation, or opinion piece?

My gift is bringing through words that are aligned with the appropriate energy and frequency for the person, community, occasion, or intention at hand.

A custom poem or song can touch the heart of a friend going through a difficult transition. The right words can soothe a broken heart, offer up an apology, tender a resignation, end a relationship, launch a bold new venture or adventure, foster understanding, inaugurate change, or commemorate a significant milestone.

When you and I work together (be it for reasons personal or business), we start with a blank canvas. I ask questions and listen to your answers. You bring your heart and spirit to the collaboration — and I weave in my passion for the written and spoken word, my decades of experience, and my well-honed intuition.

We can also edit, streamline, rejuvenate, resuscitate, or (if appropriate) release your attachment to that half-written material you’ve been battling with for weeks, months, or (gulp!) years.

Technology has connected us in extraordinary ways, but it will never replace the exquisite experience of artfully crafted words spoken or written from the heart. I can help you excavate those trapped words and bring them into the radiant light of day.

If you and I collaborate, be prepared to be shaken up a bit and be open to reconsidering what you think you’re doing. I probably don’t want to do your eleventh-hour, immediate turnaround rewrite, because it subverts the rhythm and flow of the creative process. (If we’re not having fun working together, it’s just not worth it.)

Speaking of worth, let’s talk about money — my currency of choice for this work. I’m highly qualified and experienced, time-efficient, and committed to your utter satisfaction. My fee is based on $133/hour (and, of course, some hours are longer or shorter than others!) Rather than watch the clock, I generally prefer to quote a project figure up front — and then stick with it. If everyone is in integrity, it all comes out in the wash.

Don’t be shy! Let’s talk about how, together, we can help you “use your words” to express the truth of who you are and what you bring to our unfolding new world. Simply use the Contact link in the upper-right corner of the blog to email me and we’ll go from there. Huzzah!

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    1. And so do we bless one another, we pilgrims on the only journey there is. Meet you at the Water Hole, the ultimate destination at Source. In the meantime, we can be sure to find the yumminess along the way in good company… ;)


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