arouse from your slumber (audio poetry 3:52)

The last few months have been extraordinarily potent for me. I feel newly arrived at a place of wholeness and clarity, as though a series of chained and locked doors opened simultaneously with a single sigh.

Everything I once or never knew, lay fresh before me. No shutter nor drape nor gossamer grazed my face. I took leave of an arduous odyssey fraught with impoverishment and was transported upon wings of grace and effortlessness. I wish I could say that the giant reclamation project was a piece of cake, and that clicking my heels together three times and uttering a few words was all it took. But that would neither be true nor useful.

Doesn’t really matter. Your journey will carry a different tone and hue and texture – and, at turns, will confound and bewilder and exhilarate and exhaust you. Much of it will require courage and fortitude, a bottomless barrel of faith, and a wee bit of whimsy.

Here’s a new audio version of “arouse from your slumber,” which first appeared here in 2009. Just a gentle reminder that any time is the perfect time to “wake up” – as long as that time is “Now.”

le_poeme_de_lame_-_le_vol_de_lame-hugethe invitation has been issued
your name etched in leaves of gold
penned with the sacred ink of antiquity
broadcast through the heavens
dispatched to the nether regions of your heart ~
Look the other way and you will miss the moment!

your presence is now most fervently requested
your place at the table laid with limoges and linen
you will be greeted warmly, embraced without limitation,
anointed with oil of sharon, sprinkled with hyssop
while many, held back by reins of fate or fear, decline ~
May we count you in attendance?

respond exactly as you are, as it pleases you
arrive adorned, bejeweled,
stripped bare to bone
come bearing gifts or approach empty, arms open
present yourself cloaked in completion
or draped and dripping with the sheer desire of becoming ~
All excess baggage will be checked at the door.

the invitation has been issued in your one true name
the offer non-transferable, send no other in your stead
claim no false persona as your own
proffer no papers save those illuminated from within ~
You are now asked to demonstrate sufficiently Who You Are.

do you not see?
the gesture has been offered from the highest!
everything you have ever wanted now rests before you
in disentangled aggregation
awaits your gentle nod, your audible yes
your outbreath of unleashed surrender ~
While you stare blankly at the rainbow, angels wipe your canvas clean.

how is it that you so willingly grovel at the feet of survival
yet keep love’s glory waiting at the door?
you fret and fumble, hem, haw in hesitation ~
when will you fling open every gate in joyful anticipation
of what awaits on the other side?
Radiance will not drip onto your tongue from a dropper!

the invitation has been issued, the table has been laid
respond exactly as you are,
as it pleases you
the choice is yours, by free will and freedom ~
Arouse from your slumber, seize fresh the day.

One thought

  1. Reposting this to Golden Age of Gaia. This captures the moment we find ourselves in and thanks for reposting it so I can find it here in perfect timing.

    Of course, as we know, all timing is Divine and perfect. As are we…

    With love, Andrea


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