i am you (audio poetry 3:26)

“Wings of the Morning” by Edward Robert Hughes (1851-1914)

I am you
I am your alpha and your omega and all that lay between
I am you dancing in ebullient joy and weeping inconsolably
on the jagged rocks beneath you
I am the child you lost, the lover you found,
the parents you never had yet wished for so fervidly
Not a blade of grass can separate us
I am you

I am you black, white, brown, yellow, red
I was present at your birth and will be present when your body breathes its last
I am the golden sun caressing your face and the moon calling your name
and the howling wind uprooting your most cherished foundational beliefs
Every ache in your bones, every smile on your face,
every deep and tender touch you have ever given or received or longed for,
I am that and I am you and we are one

I am your words aching to be spoken
Your steps dreamed of yet not taken
I am your most grievous moments
Your pain, your suffering,
Your unfolding and unimaginable ecstasy
The angel who cradled you on the battlefield
The voice that soothed you in the hospital
The four-legged who never left your side amidst the raging storm
The woman on the street who encouraged surrender above all
Whoever fed you when you hungered most
I am the Mother under your feet and the elders of 17 generations
and we are one

I am the dawn that greets you each day
The tears still damp upon your pillow and the dream you scarcely remember
I am the small, still knowing that coaxes you to awaken
The beribboned basket in which you place your hopes and fears
and the memories you choose to release once and for all
The song of the birds, the pattering of rain, the eternal heartbeat ,
I am that and I am you and we are one
Not a grain of sand can separate us
I am you.

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