the doorstep of love (audio poetry 3:14)

Here is “Angel of Self-Love,” another angelic image
I have brought through recently. Loving these!

Angel of Self-Love

They wanted you to fit into boxes designed for someone else
So you folded yourself into sacred origami
And transformed your sharp edges into high-flying cranes

They wanted to squeeze out every last drop of your inherent juiciness
So you popped a cork of unclear origin, tapped an infinite wellspring
And immersed yourself in a shimmering pool of rippled becoming

Someone suggested you play small,
And in turn, you chose to amplify every individual cell that you could locate,
To anoint yourself with the kiss of life,
And to rise to a level of brilliance that blinded even those
who looked away from your true and singular beauty

They wanted you diminished
And you expanded far beyond the limits they assigned,
They wanted you burdened and beaten down
And you hid your most precious gifts until you knew
it was safe to bring them into the light of day,
They judged as they themselves had been judged
Sowed seeds of acrimony into venomous minefields
Sacrificed the innocent and squandered their birthright of love
in a noisy hailstorm of darkened fear

And all the while, you wrapped yourself in a cobbled blanket
of self-care and nurturance
Nourished yourself at the succulence of All that is Divine,
tucked yourself between willowy ferns and thornless roses
while benevolence licked your spirit clean,
Now, at long last, you rub the sleep from your eyes
And waken into a world of your own creation
Gentle arms and open hearts greet you in splendid welcome
Radiant joy and honor attend thee

Not a single voice asks, “What took you so long?”
It has been but a moment that you stumbled upon
the doorstep of Love.

6 thoughts

  1. Thank you for the sugar, Vicki. At this stage of life, “way back when” covers a lot of territory. What state? What decade? You’ve piqued my interest: get back in touch and tell me more! You can use the Contact link or reply here and let me know if you’d rather I don’t publicize the Comment. (:


    1. Jane, how wonderful to hear from you! Yes, beginning in November (while in California/Marin County), I have had numerous sessions of “automatic drawings,” which I instantly recognized as angelics. They were first line drawings only, and I have begun adding soft pastels as guided. The image accompanying my February 2 post is the Grounding Angel. These two came through while I am regrouping now in southern Colorado. Would be great to have a phone chat and catch up…xoxo


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