no better moment (audio poetry 3:12)

“Summer Time” by Georgia-born, folk artist Nellie Mae Rowe (1900-1982), now recognized as one of the most important American folk artists. (Wikipedia).

There is no better moment than now
to choose a new and better way
No better time to step into a new and
improved version of you,
To come out of the shadows
To radiate a signature that only you can access
And to create your most vivified life

No better moment than now has ever existed
To say Yes, to say No, to say Never again,
and to say I am and I will
You have within you the power
to clear away the cobwebs of the past
To brush the dust from your eyes
To dis-integrate beliefs that have stood between
you and your grandest becoming
And to repattern the intricacies
of your most foundational gridwork

Now is the moment to don a new mantle
Golden and laced with gems and tones of illumination,
To beat a new drum
Plant a new seed
Traverse the pathway-in-waiting that flickers into
your awareness with increasing strength and regularity
To build a new and unparalled existence in and around you

Have you ever felt a better moment to speak a deeper truth?
To dig into depths that have eluded entry?
To emanate a purity that carries the power to shift worlds?
There is no better moment than this
No better urgings than the ones tickling at your heart
and emboldening your spirit
In this divinely sanctified moment

Courage lives in this very moment
Truth lives in this very moment
Unfolding love and compassion and deepening understanding
live inside this very moment
And they ask you to do the same,
To rise up to your full stature, to re-gather and re-couple
every once-lost fragment of the infinite you
And to live and breathe this very moment,
A better moment there has never been for you
And in an uncharted eternity, a better moment there never will be.

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