affirmations for personal power (audio 4:51)

For some time, I have sought to collaborate on creating audio/video that pairs my words and voice with sound healing frequency and inspiring imagery. A possibility has presented itself, so I went back to “Your Personal Power Bill of Rights” I first crafted in 2010 and redesigned it as a first-person affirmation.

I AM a powerful Creator. I have the power to create, re-create, and co-create — and to bring forth manifestations from my thoughts, words, and deeds.

I have the power to access my body, my mind and my spirit, and to make choices in every moment.

I have the ability to clear and release any blockages standing in my way.

I have the power to withdraw from situations, relationships, and circumstances that are not in alignment with my highest good – and with the highest good for All.

I  give and receive unconditional Love deeply and with conviction. The form that Love takes is wholly within my power.

My power emanates from within me, and directly reflects my uncompromising connection to Source.

I AM a limitless expression of an infinite universe and the outward expression of my illumined essence.

My spiritual path fosters an opening of my heart and a strengthening of my spirit – and I have the power to shift that path whenever I feel so inspired.

I develop and rely on my intuition. I have the power to place my awareness precisely where I want it to be – and I have the power to navigate the consequences and outcomes that follow.

I have the power to discern – to distinguish actions based on fear and ego from those rooted in Love. I will always choose Love.

I have the power to embrace the elements of my life that bring me joy, that enliven me and fill me with a wonderment toward everything around me.

My supply of personal power is infinite. I have the power to heal myself – and to call in whatever support, from whatever realm, moves me forward on my healing path.

I carry within me the power to decline – to say “No, thank you” without explanation or rationalization

I honor the past as well as the present – and recognize that struggle and pain are but shades along a spectrum that includes happiness, safety, pleasure, and delight.

I am infused with the formidable power of gratitude. I AM grateful for every iota of experience that life has ever, or will ever, hand me.

I have the power to forgive myself and others, and to let go.

I have within me the power to stand on the side of that which is right – and to speak out against that which seeks harm. I have the power to know the difference.

I have the power to change my life for the better. Changing, fixing or re-engineering someone else’s life is not within the purview of my personal power. I release any belief that it is.

I AM powerful beyond measure and I wield my power with integrity. My personal power is a gift I offer to a vast and unending Universe.

“Screen” design from 1886 catalogue of Belcher Mosaic Glass Co. of New York. Thanks to

2 thoughts

  1. Dearest Patricia, thank you for sharing your experience. We never know what tools will resonate, whether we are challenged by physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual imbalances. Have you explored other videos created by Power Thoughts Meditation Club(PTMC)? Their library of free youtube offerings is quite extensive — and offer helpful sound frequencies with both spoken and subliminal affirmations.

    These affirmations that you “bumped into,” are also the basis of an upgraded version by PTMC, which you can find here at my blog:

    Or, if you like, you can go directly to youtube to watch it:

    All Sweet Blessings to you, Patricia. If you are not quite up to surfing the Internet, let me know via the Contact link at the upper right of the blog. I would be happy to help identify some other affirmation-based material that you may resonate with.

    Your positive outlook and unceasing faith are your most potent allies now!


  2. Thank you for this production. I am a patient with Fibromyalgia and the CFDIS. It seems I am in the course of a serious relapse and have been more ill and depressed for some weeks lately. No available and customed resources has been appealing to me. Fortunately, I “bumped” into this material and at last something made sense. I “clicked” with believable (to me) affirmations at the present moment. I plan to exercise Tapping (EFT) with these affirmations. I am sure by doing this I will be better soonest. Blessings


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